Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s postgame involves you spending a lot of time in the Guiding Lands. This region is a culmination of biomes from all the areas in the game connected to each other. Each portion of the Guiding Lands has mining outcrops and bonepiles that have their own drops. This feature lists every single material item you can collect from mining outcrops and bonepiles in every region of the Guiding Lands and will help you see where you can get a specific drop.

It is worth noting that the level is indicated by the colour of the mining outcrop or bonepile. Levels 1 to 4 are represented by white, yellow, orange, and red. At Level 4, a giant bonepile or outcrop spawns giving you a guaranteed drop of the highest rarity item. You will also pickup materials that aren’t used in crafting but ones that give you a lot of research points or fuel for the Steamworks from bonepiles and mining outcrops in the Guiding Lands.

This image shows four of the six parts of the Guiding Lands but showcases the different levels of bonepiles and mining outcrops.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Guiding Lands materials list

Forest Region Mining Node
Level 1: Decayed Crystal
Level 2: Forest Crystal
Level 3: Prosperous Crystal
Level 4: Guiding Forest Crystal

Forest Region Bonepile
Level 1: Mossy Greatbone
Level 2: Woodland Greatbone
Level 3: Slumbering Greatbone
Level 4: Guiding Forest Dragonbone

Wasteland Region Mining Node
Level 1: Cracked Crystal
Level 2: Wasteland Crystal
Level 3: Serene Crystal
Level 4: Guiding Wasteland Crystal

Wasteland Region Bonepile
Level 1: Weathered Cragbone
Level 2: Wasteland Cragbone
Level 3: Tempered Cragbone
Level 4: Guiding Wasteland Dragonbone

Rotten Region Mining Node
Level 1: Distorted Crystal
Level 2: Effuvial Crystal
Level 3: Twilight Crystal
Level 4: Guiding Effuvial Crystal

Rotten Region Bonepile
Level 1: Malformed Frenzybone
Level 2: Effuvial Frenzybone
Level 3: Afflicted Frenzybone
Level 4: Guiding Rotted Dragonbone

Coral Region Mining Node
Level 1: Pale Crystal
Level 2: Coral Crystal
Level 3: Deepsea Crystal
Level 4: Guiding Coral Crystal

Coral Region Bonepile
Level 1: Vivid Crimsonbone
Level 2: Coral Crimsonbone
Level 3: Vibrant Crimsonbone
Level 4: Guiding Coral Dragonbone

Volcanic Region Mining Node
Level 1: Melted Crystal
Level 2: Magma Crystal
Level 3: Hellfire Crystal
Level 4: Guiding Magma Crystal

Volcanic Region Bonepile
Level 1: Simmering Wildbone
Level 2: Volcanic Wildbone
Level 3: Dragonscorched Wildbone
Level 4: Guiding Volcanic Dragonbone

Tundra Region Mining Node
Level 1: Frozen Crystal
Level 2: Rime Crystal
Level 3: Daybreak Crystal
Level 4: Guiding Rime Crystal

Tundra Region Bonepile
Level 1: Hoary Icebone
Level 2: Tundra Icebone
Level 3: Everfrost Icebone
Level 4: Guiding Tundra Dragonbone

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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