Rainmaker Productions based in Japan today announced Assault Suits Valken Declassified for Nintendo Switch. Assault Suits Valken Declassified is an unedited and uncensored localization of the SNES action game being handled by the amazing M2. This new release will include the original 80 page Assault Suits Valken guidebook as well. The run and gun mech action game arrives worldwide next month for Nintendo Switch. Watch the Assault Suits Valken Declassified release date trailer below:

Assault Suits Valken Declassified physical release

As of now, no details are available for a physical release. Hopefully we learn about a potential physical edition after the Assault Suits Valken Declassified release date.

Assault Suits Valken Declassified new features

  • Unedited and uncensored version of Assaults Suits Valken with a new English translation.
  • New recreation of the 80-page Japanese Guidebook translated into English.
  • Inclusion of both the arranged and game soundtracks.
  • New interview with Satoshi Nakai about the original game’s mecha design.
  • New artwork by Satoshi Urusihihara, the original game’s character designer.
  • New “Retro Color” screen filter, along with regular CRT and scanlines options.
  • Super Play of the game with its “good ending”.
  • Save/Load states as well as Replay record and playback functionality.

Check out the official website here.

Assault Suits Valken Declassified releases on March 30 worldwide for Nintendo Switch. The original game debuted in 1992.

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