At Anime Expo 2022, Aksys Games announced a slew of otome game localizations for Switch in addition to announcing Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II for PS4, Switch, and Steam. Death Mark II is the sequel to Death Mark from 2018 that is coming to the West in 2023. It is going to be interesting to see how this one does after how good both Spirit Hunter: Death Mark and NG were. Watch the Japanese trailer for it below:

The other announcements include new and old otome games. Norn9: Var Commons and its fandisc Norn9: Last Era are both coming to the West on Switch. The latter has never been localized before while Norn9 itself is available on PS Vita in the West. Watch the trailer below for the main game’s Switch release in the West:

Shuuen no Virche – Error Salvation (English title TBA) is also coming to Nintendo Switch. This hasn’t been localized yet. Watch the trailer for Error Salvation below:

Radiant Tale is another otome game coming to Nintendo Switch in the West. This features Tifalia hoping to have a more interesting life. A group called CIRCUS come into contact with her and things change forever. Watch the Radiant Tale trailer below:

Aksys Games Anime Expo 2022 announcements

Aksys Games also announced non-Japanese games at the showcase like Dreamloops Games’ Inescapable for all consoles and PC and Pups & Purrs Pet Shop for Switch. Aksys Games has a lot coming up over the next months.

Death Mark II will release in 2023 for PS4, Switch and Steam. Both Norn9 games, Error Salvation, and Radiant Tale will release on Nintendo Switch in the future.

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