While the localisation for Spirit Hunter: NG was leaked by the game listing on Aksys Games’ site, the release date wasn’t finalised until now. Horror adventure experience NG will be released in the West as Spirit Hunter: NG which is the second volume in the newly created series. Last year’s Death Mark has been renamed to Spirit Hunter: Death Mark. If you haven’t played that yet, it is definitely worth looking into for any horror games fan. Watch the trailer for Spirit Hunter: NG below:

Aksys Games does not have a distributor in India but Spirit Hunter: NG will be available here digitally for sure. If you’d like a physical copy, you will need to import the PS4 or Nintendo Switch release from North America or Europe since it is digital only on PS Vita outside Japan. The PC version will release on Steam and likely have regional pricing since Death Mark had it.

Spirit Hunter: NG releases on October 10 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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