Updated (October 15, 2019): On further investigation, several customers speaking to The Mako Reactor have confirmed that Games The Shop isn’t taking pre-orders for Death Stranding. Instead, it’s been offering those who pre-ordered the Death Stranding Special Edition to upgrade to the Collector’s Edition in the event it makes it to India. That said, we haven’t received comment from either Sony or Games The Shop yet. So if you’re looking to get the Death Stranding Collector’s Edition, you’re best served making alternate arrangements.

Original story as follows:
Death Stranding Collector’s Edition is getting a release at retail in India. The Death Stranding Collector’s Edition price is Rs. 15,000 and should have a release date in line with the standard edition of the game — November 8, 2019. Expect the likes of Amazon to have it listed in addition to specialist storefronts like Games The Shop. It seems that Games The Shop has already started taking pre-orders or at the very least, begun soliciting interest for it according to would be customers speaking to The Mako Reactor.

We won’t be surprised to see the price go over Rs. 15,000 since it’s $199.99 (around Rs. 14,000) in the US. Previous CEs have seen a higher price in India so don’t expect Rs. 15,000 to be the final price.

This tweet aside, several customers have got in touch with The Mako Reactor confirming that Games The Shop is indeed asking if they would like to upgrade to the Death Stranding Collector’s Edition.

Like most special variants, the Death Stranding Collector’s Edition will be available in limited supply. So much so that sources in the supply chain speaking to us expect all the units to be brought in to be sold during the pre-order phase alone.

We’ve reached out to Sony and Games The Shop for comment and will update this story if we hear from either company. Here’s what you get with it.

Death Stranding Collector’s Edition

  • The full PS4 game
  • SteelBook case
  • BB pod statue
  • Ludens Key ring
  • BRIDGES Cargo Case
  • Timefall pack of music and behind the scenes footage
  • Special gold versions in-game items: Ludens Mask sunglasses, power skeleton, all-terrain skeleton, armour plate (level 2) — will unlock via in-game progression
  • Ten PS4 avatars
  • All standard pre-order in-game items (gold sunglasses, speed skeleton, hat, and armour plating — all a part of every pre-order regardless of edition and will unlock via in-game progression)

And if that’s too expensive, there’s the Death Stranding Special Edition that’s also up for grabs.

Death Stranding Special Edition

The Death Stranding Special Edition has a price of Rs. 4,999 much like the God of War Limited Edition and the Spider-Man PS4 Special Edition that eventually skipped India. Here’s what you get.

  • SteelBook case
  • Special gold version of Ludens Mask sunglasses earned through gameplay
  • Timefall pack of music and behind the scenes footage
  • All standard pre-order in-game items (gold sunglasses, speed skeleton, hat, and armour plating — all a part of every pre-order regardless of edition and will unlock via in-game progression)

Will Death Stranding Collector’s Edition and Special Edition be available in India at launch?

Given Sony’s track record with God of War and Spider-Man PS4, we’re not exactly sure that it will be able to get anything more than the standard edition of the game on time. That said, it did manage to bring Days Gone’s Special and Limited Editions on time so perhaps things have changed at Sony in India.

Is Death Stranding releasing on PC?

It turns out that Death Stranding may not be exclusive to the PS4 after all. Sony has removed the Hideo Kojima-directed title from its list of PS4 exclusives. This was discovered by eagle-eyed members of popular gaming forum ResetEra.

With the Death Stranding PS4 release date of November 8, it’ll be interesting to see if a PC release is planned somewhere down the line.

Death Stranding was originally announced for PS4 and PCs, here’s an archived official press release from Sony THEMSELVES prior to the game’s announcement (when they announced their partnership) in Dec 2015 just so you know I’m not messin,” claims ResetEra member Vestan who discovered this change.

Considering Epic Games has not shied away from moneyhatting PC exclusivity, we won’t be surprised if Death Stranding finds its way to that storefront in the event this does come to fruition.

Right now however, if you want Death Stranding, the PS4 version is the only one you can pre-order. Death Stranding is out on November 8 for the PS4.

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