Idea Factory International just announced that Dokapon Kingdom: Connect will release on Steam next month following its Nintendo Switch release in the West. The hybrid board game RPG will support online play and local multiplayer for up to four players and also feature Remote Play Together support on Steam. Dokapon Kingdom: Connect’s Steam page is also now up with the announcement of its release date. Watch the new Dokapon Kingdom: Connect Steam trailer below:

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect gameplay features

  • RPG & Board Game Lovers Unite… AGAIN! – Originally released for the PlayStation®2 and the Nintendo Wii, the hybrid party board game is now back for the Nintendo Switch! The game is simple: spin the roulette and defeat whoever stands your way!
  • Connect With Your Best Frenemies Online – Holding a grudge never felt so good! Players can now duke it out against their friends via Nintendo Switch Online!
  • 5 Game Modes & A Massive Game Board! – Plot your revenge and choose from 5 different game modes: Normal, Story, Shopping Race, Kill Race, and Town Race. With a kingdom spanning seven continents, who knows what shenanigans you’ll get into!
  • Outwit Your Foes With 11 Possible Job Classes – Wanna slash your way through the Dokapon Kingdom? Choose the Warrior! Interested in conjuring flashy spells? Pick the Magician! Choose from 11 job classes and earn experience points to level up your character! Purchase or even steal items and use them to your advantage

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect language support

The English version of Dokapon Kingdom: Connect will support English text and voiceovers while the Japanese version will support Japanese text and voiceovers. Idea Factory International says the Steam version is a port of the Switch version.

There will be a 15% launch week discount for the Steam version as well.

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is out now worldwide on Nintendo Switch. It hits Steam on September 7. Check out the official website here and wishlist it on Steam here.

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