Live Wire and Cave just released a new trailer for the upcoming Espgaluda II release on Nintendo Switch. Espgaluda II was announced at the same time Mushihimesama was revealed and released for the system. Read my Mushihimesama review here. Espgaluda II releases on September 9 (via Gematsu). It debuted back in 2005 in Arcades in Japan and has since been ported to Xbox 360 and mobile platforms. Watch the trailer showcasing the Nintendo Switch features below:

Espgaluda II Nintendo Switch features and modes

The modes and features for Espgaluda II on Nintendo Switch are below:

  • Normal Mode with higher image quality than the arcade version.
  • Arcade Mode that reproduces the arcade version.
  • Arrange Mode with readjusted systems and sounds.
  • Black Label Mode in which you can use the excusive character Seseri.
  • Novice Mode adjusted for beginners.
  • There is also a tutorial function for beginners.

Espgaluda II Nintendo Switch physical release

As of now Espgaluda II is an eShop-only release. Hopefully Live Wire and Cave can get a physical release done for it in the future.

Check out the official Espgaluda II website here.

Espgaluda II releases on September 9 for Nintendo Switch.

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