Although Final Fantasy XV’s tale has been told over the course of its original release, subsequent DLC, and the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, Square Enix has partnered with South Korean developer JSC Games and Chinese game maker GAEA Mobile to develop a Final Fantasy XV MMORPG for mobile.

While there’s no official name yet, it’s being labelled as Final Fantasy XV Mobile and has been in the works for some time now. Compared to the previous announcement, the scope of development has expanded leading to the attachment of a second developer as well as plans for a global release.

Interestingly, publishing duties will be handled by the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group rather than Square Enix itself. There’s no concrete release date for Final Fantasy XV Mobile just yet though it is slated to hit China first.

That said we do have some details on what to expect. According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, Final Fantasy XV Mobile will be based on the original game and set in a parallel world. There will be new original content expanding its lore and new locations like continents floating in the sky and the Great Pagoda will be a part of it too. One of the major concepts inspiring it is that of what’s being called the ‘Origin of Mythology’ and according to one report, “will implement elements from the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition”.

And yes, since this is an MMO, there will be large scale multiplayer features. It will be made in Unreal Engine 4.

This isn’t Square Enix’s first attempt at a mobile MMORPG. In the past it collaborated with Japanese developer Asobimo for Fantasy Genesis Earth while in 2013 its India team worked on an MMORPG based on Hindu mythology that was cancelled in the pre-production stage following which it shuttered operations in the country until last year.

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