It seems that a remaster of Final Fantasy VIII may be revealed at E3 2019. According to a serial leaker and reporter with the handle New_WabiSabi on Twitter, a remake of Square Enix’s classic PS1 JRPG is in the offing. Outside of a PC re-release a few years ago, Final Fantasy VIII hasn’t seen the same attention Square Enix has paid to other Final Fantasy games of the same era such as Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX, both of which have seen re-releases on the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in addition to iOS and Android variants. Safe to say, if a Final Fantasy VIII remaster was to be announced, it would be for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch at the very least.

While New_WabiSabi was scarce on details, replies to others on Twitter suggest that we’d see the Final Fantasy VIII remaster during Square Enix conference.

This isn’t the only leak though. The account also tweeted about the Secret of Mana collection hitting the Nintendo Switch in the West, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and apparently, even Battletoads making an appearance as a 2D couch co-op experience.

Like most leaks this time of the year, we’d advise taking the news with a tonne of salt. Though with 2019 being the 20-year anniversary of the Final Fantasy VIII Japan release, now is as good a time as any to bring it back.

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