At Square Enix’s E3 showcase in 2021, the company revealed a new series of Final Fantasy releases in the form of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series. This brought a localized version Final Fantasy III’s original 2D release outside Japan for the first time and saw the first six games arrive on PC and mobile platforms. It was confirmed for a 2023 release on PS4 and Switch. Today, Square Enix announced that the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster PS4 and Nintendo Switch release date is April 19 worldwide. The company also announced new font options, music options, quality of life features, and more. Watch the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster console release date trailer below:

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster font options on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

There will be two font options:

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster pre-order bonus on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Purchase the game by May 25 to receive two themed Wallpapers for each individual game. Buy the complete series in the FINAL FANTASY I-VI BUNDLE to get all 12 themed Wallpapers. The PS4 version will be available to purchase at a later date. Those of you who buy the games digitally on PlayStation 4 between April 20 and May 25 will get a Theme and Avatar for each title purchased. Players who purchase the complete series in the FINAL FANTASY I-VI BUNDLE will receive every Theme and Avatar included with the individual games – a total of six Themes and six Avatars. Pre-order it here on Switch.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster PS4 and Nintendo Switch new features

  • Change soundtracks: The Pixel Remaster series features utterly superb new orchestral arrangements of FINAL FANTASY I – VI’s soundtracks. However, we know some of you may want to recreate the original experience of playing these games, so you’ll be able to switch between the original and rearranged soundtracks.
  • Change fonts: The console release of FINAL FANTASY I – VI gives you the option to switch between two different fonts: the default font and a new pixel-based font that recreates the feel of the original games.
  • Turn off random encounters: Sometimes you just want to explore in peace, so a feature in the Pixel Remaster games lets you turn off random encounters completely. This means you can roam the world without being harassed by monsters. That also means you won’t get stronger, so be careful how you use it…
  • Adjust experience: Speaking of getting stronger, want to speed things up a little? Boost features let you adjust the experience gained by up to four times. Perfect if you want an easier run through the games.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster download size for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

The PS4 download size isn’t known, but on Switch the complete bundle is 5.7GB going by the eShop.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster PS4 and Nintendo Switch physical release

In addition to a Square Enix store exclusive physical release, a collector’s edition is releasing which has been sold out for a while. It includes the following:

The FINAL FANTASY I-VI PIXEL REMASTER -FF35th Anniversary Edition is a true celebration of the series, featuring some pretty awesome extras, including:

Final fantasy pixel remaster ps4 and Nintendo switch physical release
  • FINAL FANTASY I-VI COLLECTION – physical collection of all games for either PS4 or Nintendo Switch-
  • Anniversary Edition GOODS BOX.
  • A bonus lenticular sleeve for the game package.
  • 2-disc vinyl record set featuring newly arranged game music with exclusive cover artwork by Kazuko Shibuya
  • A specially compiled artbook showcasing beautiful character pixel art. 
  • Eight stylized pixel art character figures in window packaging.

Check it out here.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is out now on iOS, Android, and PC. It releases on April 19 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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