The wait for Square Enix to bring the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series to consoles has been very long, but the six games are finally now available on Nintendo Switch and PS4 worldwide. The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series on PS4 and Nintendo Switch includes new features in addition to much-requested fixes from player feedback. Over the last few days, I’ve been playing the collection of games on both PS5 (via PS4 backward compatibility) and Nintendo Switch for review. While my full reviews of both platform releases will take a bit longer, I wanted to do a comparison covering the Fantasy Pixel Remaster on Switch Vs PS4 and PS5 for those wondering where to grab these releases today. This impressions feature will be updated once I’ve played more of the games across PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster on Steam Deck, Switch Lite, iPhone, Switch OLED Model, and iPad Pro showcasing the new credits in FF6 on console

I’ve already played the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series of games on both PC and iOS since launch through the many updates, and I wanted to compare the PS4 and Switch versions while covering how the upgrades might make these the best versions for newcomers despite some issues. In this Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Switch Vs PS4 feature, I will compare the visuals, performance, and features of the games based on the time I’ve spent with them so far.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster boosts available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Switch vs PS4 features

In terms of features, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series on Switch and PS4 includes a few new features not present on PC and mobile. The highlights are an option to switch between the new rearranged and original soundtracks (not on PC/mobile) for the games, a new pixel-style font option, and various boost options. These boost options let you adjust a few gameplay modifiers from 0 to 4x, turn off random encounters, and more. As of this writing, nothing concrete has been announced for the mobile and PC versions to get these features.

The new soundtrack option also means that the in-game music player on PS4/PS5 and Switch lets you listen to both the new Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster version and the original soundtrack. The PS4 version also includes trophy support as shown in the screenshot below. The six games have individual platinum trophies as well. One more nice inclusion is the ability to skip some cut-scenes on the PS4 and Switch versions while the PC and mobile version don’t have the option.

Final Fantasy V trophy support on PS5 (through PS4 backward compatibility)

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Switch vs PS4 visuals and performance

Unfortunately, both the PS4 (even when played on PS5) and Nintendo Switch versions have the same scrolling issues as the PC and mobile versions. In my testing, playing on PC and PS5 is similar with mobile (on certain older devices) and Switch featuring some inconsistent frame pacing (seemingly) in parts. These are most noticeable in the few sections where scrolling is fine, like when riding on the Chocobo in Final Fantasy V’s opening moments. The frame pacing issues that are on Switch and older mobile devices is less noticeable on the smaller screen compared to when played docked, but still very much there in these parts. This is with the launch day patch. If you could deal with the Dragon Quest ports of the first three games Square Enix released on Switch, you will likely be ok here, but I was hoping this and the scrolling issues would be addressed for the new console versions.

There are also some cut-scenes where there are some performance issues on all platforms, and I’m shocked that these weren’t fixed for the PS4 and Switch versions of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series. In terms of load times, the PS4 version on the PS5 SSD is faster than the Switch version across the board. Since the file size is very small, I just installed all six games to the internal SSD on my PS5.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster new classic pixel font (left) vs modern font (right)

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Switch vs PS4 – what to buy?

If you value portability above all, the Switch is obviously the way to go. Even though you could have a better experience on Steam Deck, the PC version currently lacks the new quality of life features and other additions brought to the new console versions. If those prior releases get patched with the new features, I’ll update this guide, but as of now, the PS4 and Switch versions offer a better experience with the new features and options included. When it comes to just PS4 and Nintendo Switch, if you don’t care about portability, go with the PS4 version. If you play the PS4 version on PS4 Pro or PS5, it even looks cleaner than the Switch version if you have a 4K or 1440p display.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster pre-order bonus on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

If you buy the bundle before May 25, you will receive two themed Wallpapers for each individual game. Buying the complete set of six games gets you 12 themed Wallpapers. The PS4 version bought digitally from April 20 to May 25 will include a PS4 theme and avatars for each title purchased. There are a total of six PS4 themes.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is out now on iOS, Android, PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch worldwide. Hopefully my Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Switch Vs PS4 and PS5 feature helped you decide which version is best for you. Check out the official website here.

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