Forever Entertainment previously showcased and released Front Mission 1st Remake for Nintendo Switch. Front Mission 2 Remake was also announced, and we finally have a release date and trailer for it. Today,publisher Forever Entertainment announced the Front Mission 2 Remake release date, price, and detailed its features. The tactical RPG will return this June on Nintendo Switch. This remake has been developed by Storm Trident S.A. Watch the Front Mission 2 Remake new trailer below:

Front Mission 2 Remake price

Front Mission 2 Remake is priced at $34.99 or 34.99 Euros. As of this writing, a discount hasn’t been announced, but we might get one during the pre-order period or for existing owners of Front Mission 1st Remake.

Front Mission 2 Remake physical release

We will likely learn about the Front Mission 2 Remake physical release for Nintendo Switch soon.

Front Mission 2 Remake gameplay screenshots

Check out the gallery below:

Front Mission 2 Remake features

  • Improved loading speed
  • New ‘free camera’ option to zoom in during gameplay and check out Wanzers in detail
  • New coloring and camouflage options
  • Support for many new languages (EN, FR, ES, PT, IT, DE, PL, ZH, JA)
  • Modern in-game effects
  • Renewed soundtrack

Front Mission 2 Remake releases on June 12 for Nintendo Switch.

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