Sony and Polyphony digital just revealed that some player data from Gran Turismo Sport will transfer over to Gran Turismo 7. This news post confirms what Gran Turismo Sport save data carries over into Gran Turismo 7 and what does not. We recently had a State of Play showcase dedicated to Gran Turismo 7 showcasing modes, features, and more. Details are here. If you’ve not kept up with the release yet, pre-orders went live in India with the 25th Anniversary Edition also confirmed for release. Watch the Gran Turismo 7 soundtrack and replay promo video below:

Gran Turismo Sport player data carryover to Gran Turismo 7

Today, we learn (via @Renka_schedule) that driver rating and sportsmanship rating will carry over into Gran Turismo 7. This will be done automatically beginning February 15. Livery, decals, and more will also transfer over but that will happen a bit later than February 15.

Gran Turismo 7 save data transfer from Gran Turismo Sport: What doesn’t carry over

Replay data, scapes, and other data will not be transferred over. Details are here.

Gran Turismo 7 releases on March 4, 2022 for PS5 and PS4 worldwide.

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