GungHo America finally announced details for a patch to the Nintendo Switch version of the Grandia HD Collection and also a new release date for Grandia HD Remaster on PC. To ensure that there are no problems with the PC version of Grandia HD Remaster, GungHo America has delayed it from this month. It has also been taking into account all the user feedback for the Nintendo Switch collection.

Grandia HD Remaster PC release date

Originally set for release this month, Grandia HD Remaster will now release on October 15. Grandia II on PC will be renamed to Grandia II HD Remaster on the same day.

Grandia HD Collection Nintendo Switch patch release date

The Grandia HD Collection on Nintendo Switch will be patched to address various issues. The specific bugs and issues haven’t been detailed but hopefully GungHo fixes the sprites at least.

Grandia HD Collection is now available on Nintendo Switch. Grandia HD Remaster releases on October 15 for PC.

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