At the LRG3 conference yesterday, Limited Run Games and M2 revealed a North American release of the amazing M2 ShotTriggers’ Kyukyoku Tiger Heli Collection. I got this collection on Nintendo Switch already, and it is a fantastic package with DLC for not only fans of Tiger-Heli and Twin Cobra, but also newcomers looking to sample an amazing package in the genre. The official announcement mentions more information about the Kyukyoku Tiger Heli Collection physical release coming soon. Watch the announcement trailer for the Japanese release below:

Kyukyoku Tiger Heli Collection games list

The games included in this collection (via Gematsu) are below:

  • Kyukyoku Tiger (Arcade version)
  • M2 Gadgets, Super Easy, and Arcade Challenge
  • Tiger-Heli (arcade version)
  • M2 Gadgets, Super Easy, and Arcade Challenge
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (two-player arcade version)
  • Twin Cobra (western arcade version of Kyukyoku Tiger)

The following are sold as a DLC upgrade and included in the physical release:

  • Get Star (Arcade version)
  • Guardian (Western Arcade Version of Get Star)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (Famicom version)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (PC Engine version)
  • Kyukyoku Tiger (Mega Drive version)
  • Twin Cobra (NES version)
  • Twin Cobra (Sega Genesis version)
  • Tiger-Heli (Famicom version)
  • Tiger-Heli (NES version)

Check out the official website here. I’m looking forward to the Kyukyoku Tiger Heli Collection physical release packages available. I already own the Switch game, but hope Limited Run Games does a largescale release and makes this one available easily in Europe as well.

Kyukyoku Tiger Heli Collection is out now in Japan on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. More details for the Western release will be announced soon.

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