PQube Games just announced a localization of the dungeon crawler Labyrinth of Zangetsu for consoles and PC in the West. The Steam page lists it for winter 2023 with retailer listings mention a Q1 2023 release window for the game. The stylish dungeon crawler is also getting a retail release. Alongside the reveal of the box art for the Labyrinth of Zangetsu English physical release, PQube Games also showcased a trailer. Watch it below:

Labyrinth of Zangetsu English physical release for Switch and PS4

Check out the Labyrinth of Zangetsu box art below for PS4 and Switch. Pre-orders are live here.

labyrinth of zangetsu physical release

Labyrinth of Zangetsu features

PQube Games’ announcement mentions the following features:

  • Uniquely illustrated visuals in hand drawn, jet-black Japanese ink painting
  • Terrifying enemies based on traditional Japanese folklore and Yokai
  • Multiple playable heroes with an option to create/build your own hero with unique individual stats and abilities
  • Strategic turn based battles with various Ink Beasts in the most dangerous areas
  • Engaging narrative and overarching story paired with optional side quests and characters to meet along your journey 
  • Immersive and atmospheric soundtrack based on traditional Japanese music

Labyrinth of Zangetsu releases in early 2023 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Check out the Steam page here.

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