Mario Strikers: Battle League from Nintendo releases on June 10 worldwide bringing tackling, special shots, five on five soccer, and more to the fray. It supports up to eight players with support for online and offline play. Today, Nintendo announced the first major update for the game adding in free characters, a stadium, gear, and more. Watch the Mario Strikers: Battle League 1st Free Update trailer below:

Mario Strikers: Battle League 1st Free Update contents

The Mario Strikers: Battle League first free update adds Daisy and Shy Guy as playable characters, Knight-themed gear, the Desert Ruin stadium. This update will launch on July 22.

Mario Strikers: Battle League 2022 update roadmap

The Mario Strikers: Battle League update roadmap includes two more free updates this year. These include additional characters, gear, and stadiums.

Check out the official Mario Strikers: Battle League eShop page here. I’m interested to see how this evolves in 2022 and whether we get more updates or even paid DLC in 2023. Mario Strikers: Battle League launched in a slightly rough state when it comes to content despite being a very polished experience by most accounts. Once the updates are all out, hopefully we get a patched physical release with all free updates included.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is out now on Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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