Missile Dancer from Terarin Games debuted on Nintendo Switch in June last year in Japan. The shoot ’em up originally released on PC and mobile platforms before it arrived on Nintendo Switch with improvements and co-op support in addition to the arcade and score attack modes. It was planned to release outside Japan but never had a confirmed release date until now. Missile Dancer hits the eShop outside Japan later this month. The Nintendo Switch version also supports Tate Mode. I’m glad that it is finally releasing outside Japan because it has been on my wishlist for a while now with its interesting gameplay mechanics shown in the launch trailer. Watch the Missile Dancer launch trailer for Nintendo Switch below:

Missile Dancer Nintendo Switch release date

Missile Dancer releases on January 21 for Nintendo Switch in North America, Europe, and more.

Missile Dancer Nintendo Switch price

Missile Dancer is releasing for $9.99 on the eShop. Check it out here.

Missile Dancer will release digitally on January 21 for Nintendo Switch outside Japan. It is currently available on Nintendo Switch on the eShop in Japan.

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