Out of all the fighting games Arc System Works is involved with, the one that got me to properly pay attention to what Arc System Works does was Guilty Gear Xrd Sign. Guilty Gear Xrd Sign blew me away with its visuals and music more than anything. I ended up getting both follow up games and still play Xrd Rev 2 often. I was hoping for a new Guilty Gear related announcement at Evo 2019 and Arc System Works deliverd. Watch the teaser trailer below:

New Guilty Gear (working title) is in development for a 2020 release. As of now, no platforms have been announced but it is safe to assume it will be on PlayStation 4 at least in addition to PC either at launch or later on. The big question is whether it will come to Nintendo Switch.

New Guilty Gear is set to release in 2020 from Arc System Works.

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