Nintendo announced a new experience for Nintendo Switch last week in a short video that confused most people. Many assumed it would be a return to Nintendo’s more unusual side that was seen during the Wii era while some speculated that it would end up being yet another peripheral for the Nintendo Switch. Today, Nintendo unveiled Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch. Watch the trailer below:

Ring Fit Adventure is a game before a fitness experience from the looks of the video. While it has a focus on various fitness elements, Ring Fit Adventure is a casual RPG that has you flexing and squatting to damage the enemies. Damage increases depending on how well you perform exercises.

Ring Fit Adventure release date

Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch releases on October 18.

Ring Fit Adventure price

Ring Fit Adventure costs $79.99 (approximately Rs. 5700) and it includes more than just a game on card.

Ring Fit Adventure contents

Ring Fit Adventure includes the Ring-Con, the game on card, and a leg strap.

Ring Fit Adventure releases on October 18 for Nintendo Switch.

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