Back in July, Nintendo announced a new Nintendo Switch system with an OLED screen. The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) is set to launch next month with 64GB internal storage, a LAN port on the dock, new colors, and more. It costs $50 more than the current Nintendo Switch model in the USA. Check out the official website here. Today, retailer MCube Games has listed both color variants for India release next month. Watch the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) trailer below:

Nintendo Switch OLED model India price and release date

MCube Games has listed both the White and Neon models of the Nintendo Switch OLED model for Rs. 41,999. This is roughly $571. When I covered the original announcement, I speculated that the price in India might be between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 40,000. This is higher than expected, but given the fact that this console is sold out in most parts of the world where it was available to pre-order, it isn’t surprising. The price will likely come down over time and it is set to be shipped between October 15 and October 18.

Nintendo Switch OLED model features and differences

The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) has 64GB in-built storage versus the 32GB in the current model. The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) screen size is 7 inches and the dock has a LAN port built in. The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) also has a wide kickstand with more angles as shown in the trailer above. The speakers are also better in the OLED model.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model price internationally

The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) price is $349.99 for the white or neon set. 

MCube Games has previously imported various limited edition consoles like the Mario Red and Blue edition recently. It is going to be interesting to see how this OLED model sells compared to the regular Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite going forward once supply manages to get closer to catching up with the demand worldwide.

Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) releases on October 8 worldwide and beginning October 15 in India.

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