At the Xbox Bethesda Showcase last month, Atlus revealed Persona 3 ReloadPersona 5 Tactica, and Metaphor: ReFantazio for Xbox and Windows. Today, Atlus revealed new information about Persona 5 Tactica including releasing new screenshots. Persona 5 Tactica is coming to Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS5, PS4, and its previously announced Xbox and Windows platforms. The new tactical RPG Persona 5 game is due this November and will be included in Xbox Game Pass at launch. Watch the Persona 5 Tactica character trailer showcasing Erina and more below:

Atlus has revealed the following about Persona 5 Tactica kingdoms, characters, and gameplay.

Persona 5 Tactica kingdoms overview

The Phantom Thieves of Hearts find themselves suddenly transported to a bizarre Metaverse and surrounded by a military group known as the Legionnaires. The Thieves put up a fight, but it was to no avail as the Legionnaires’ leader, Marie, entered the fray and brainwashed all the Thieves except for Joker and Morgana.  The two are narrowly rescued by the leader of the Rebel Corps, Erina, who informs them that the Metaverse they’ve stumbled into is called The Kingdoms. They manage to evade Marie’s pursuit with Erina’s help, but when they arrive at the Rebel Corps hideout they’re shocked to find that it’s the spitting image of Leblanc.

Persona 5 Tactica Marie’s Kingdom

Marie’s Kingdom is ruled by the tyrant Marie (pron. MAH-ree-ay) and her military organization, the Legionnaires. Her crazed obsession with power and control of the citizenry is all part of her master plan—to stage the perfect wedding. After striking a deal in which they agree to aid the Rebel Corps, Joker and Morgana set out to rescue their friends, but their search brings them to a jail where they stumble upon a man named Toshiro Kasukabe (pron. TOH-shi-roh KAH-su-kah-bay). Toshiro is revealed to be a politician who went missing in the real world, but he claims to have no memory of how he wandered into the Metaverse or why he was imprisoned. Joker and Morgana have their doubts about his story, but decide to wait and see how things go. Not long after, there is an announcement that Marie has found the groom she intends to marry.

Persona 5 Tactica character list

  • Protagonist (VA = Xander Mobus): A second-year high school student. He goes by the codename Joker in the Metaverse; his Persona is Arsène. He becomes embroiled in the psychotic breakdown incidents that take place in Tokyo and awakens as a Persona-user. He soon becomes the leader of the notorious Phantom Thieves of Hearts, a group commited to purging the twisted desires of corrupt adults. The Phantom Thieves are all kicking back at Leblanc one day when they are suddenly transported to a mysterious, never before seen part of the Metaverse. 
  • Morgana (VA = Cassandra Lee Morris): A talking black cat(?) who was imprisoned within the Metaverse until being rescued by Joker, who he accompanies thereafter. He looks just like a cat in the real world, and though the Phantom Thieves can understand his speech, anyone else only hears cat sounds until they’ve seen him in the Metaverse. He has vast knowledge of the Metaverse, serving as a combination mascot/guide for the Phantom Thieves. 
  • Erina (VA = Leeanna Albanese): A mysterious girl who rescues the Phantom Thieves before they suffer a complete loss in the Metaverse. She has a habit of rushing to the aid of anyone dealing with injustice. Though caution is not her strong suit, her confidence and spunky personality drive her Rebel Corps to give their all. She aims to liberate the land from its oppressive ruler and makes a deal with the Phantom Thieves to this end. 
  • Ryuji (VA = Max Mittelman): A high school student who was once forced to give up his dreams by a malicious P.E. teacher and branded as a troublemaker beyond correction. He and the Protagonist stumble into the Metaverse together and awaken as Persona-users. The two quickly bond over their similar plights and create the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in order to wage battle against adults with twisted desires. Although he does have a short fuse, he more than makes up for it by being a steadfast friend with the courage and moral conviction to stand up against anyone who does harm, comrades or otherwise. His Persona is Captain Kidd. 
  • Ann (VA = Erika Harlacher-Stone): A stunningly beautiful girl who is one-quarter American. She was once isolated from her peers because of her looks. When her best friend and sole confidant was in a bind, Ann sacrificed herself to protect her. After spending some time with Joker and the others, she resolves to take a stand against corrupt adults, thus awakening as a Persona-user and joining the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. She possesses a remarkable strength of will that allows her to defy evildoers, as well as the compassion to help those in distress. Having lived abroad, she excels in English, but struggles just as much as Ryuji in other subjects. Her Persona is Carmen. 
  • Toshiro (VA= MacLeod Andrews): A young, up-and-coming Diet member rumored to be the next prime minister. After becoming lost, then imprisoned in the Metaverse for reasons he can’t recall, he opts to tag along with the Phantom Thieves after being rescued. He is straight-laced and hyperrational, and although he shines as a strategist thanks to his political savvy and his ability to view situations objectively, a neurotic fear of fighting and injury will often set him back into a safety-first mindset. 

Persona 5 Tactica July 2023 gameplay screenshots

Check out the gameplay screenshots below:

Persona 5 Tactica gameplay details and mechanics

Taking Cover in Persona 5 Tactica

  • This time, taking cover like a true Phantom Thief is key! By ending your turn while taking cover, you will take reduced damage from enemies or even completely block their attacks!
  • But, on the flip side, if you’re not taking cover and get hit by an enemy, the enemy will get a One More and be able to attack again. So always make sure to make your move near a place you can take cover! 

Persona 5 Tactica battle system

  • Experience a new twist on the classic system of elemental weaknesses:
  • Use the Burn attack Agi to make enemies take damage when they end their turn, or use the Shock attack Zio to make enemies unable to move for one turn! Inflict various ailments using the different elemental attacks in this new battle system! 
  • In addition, after hitting an enemy taking cover with a skill, get a One More by hitting them again! Utilize skills to the max and outplay the enemy by inflicting ailments and creating opportunities to get a One More! 

Persona 5 Tactica unique skills

  • Whenever you hit an enemy or get hit by an enemy during battle, the star-shaped Voltage gauge near the bottom right-hand side of the screen will fill up. 
  • Once the gauge is fully charged, it’s time to unleash a character-specific unique skill! There are a wide variety of skills, from hard-hitting attacks to helpful support abilities. Even if the situation looks dire, never give up! Turn the tables with a powerful ability! 

Persona 5 Tactica Skill Tree

  • Every single party member has their own skill tree, and you get to choose how each character grows and evolves! 
  • By winning battles to increase the levels of the Phantom Thieves or by listening in on the group’s interesting conversations in Talk events, you can earn GP (Growth Points) that will unlock skills in the skill tree! 
  • You can reset all the skills you’ve acquired to get back all the GP you’ve used at any time, so feel free to try out different skill combinations as much as you want to customize each character to your exact liking! 

Persona 5 Tactica Talk Events

  • Listen to chitchat between group members at the Hideout in Talk events. Listen to conversations that will pull you deeper into the story, including discussions between characters about new topics and situations that have never been heard before!? 
  • Get a glimpse at a never-before-seen side of the Thieves and Erina all while enjoying more of the story in Talk events! 
  • In addition, listening to Talk events will net you GP you can use in the skill tree! Listening to fun conversations all while helping your characters grow—what a steal! 

This announcement arrives alongside Persona 3 Reload getting confirmed for more consoles. It is going to be interesting to see when Atlus potentially reveals limited edition details and more following today’s Persona 5 Tactica platforms reveal. I hope it gets a SteelBook edition. I’m also interested to see what DLC it gets.

Check out the official P5T website here.

Persona 5 Tactica launches on November 17 for Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4 worldwide. It will be in Xbox Game Pass day one.

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