Update: The Final Fantasy XVI soundtrack has now launched worldwide having rolled out in NA and EU as well following Japan, Australia, and more. Added new trailer.

Square Enix previously released a song from the official Final Fantasy XVI Soundtrack titled Find the Flame which plays at an amazing moment in-game. Today, the Final Fantasy XVI digital soundtrack has begun rolling out worldwide. It is currently available in Japan and Australia on iTunes. It should be available on more digital services soon, but likely will not be on Spotify and Apple Music until months or a year later. Check out Find the Flame from Final Fantasy XVI below:

Final Fantasy XVI Soundtrack digital release link

Check it out here in Japan, here in Australia, and here in the USA on iTunes. This link might not work for you if it isn’t around midnight on July 19 in your region. It is priced at 5,820 Yen in Japan, 62.99 AUD in Australia, and $35.99 in the USA. It is also available on more digital services. All the official storefronts selling it are here.

Final Fantasy XVI Soundtrack Find the Flame streaming links

Stream it here on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and more.

Final Fantasy 16 Original Soundtrack Ultimate Edition pre-order and price

Check out the official website for links to pre-order here.

Final Fantasy 16 Original Soundtrack pre-order

Check out the official website for links to pre-order here.

Final Fantasy 16 Original Soundtrack tracklist

Check out the official soundtrack website here where the tracklist has been updated with samples.

If you haven’t gotten it yet or are planning on buying Final Fantasy 16 soon, check out our guides for FF16 lore here, how to get a Chocobo here, difficulty options here, training mode here, arcade mode here, side quests here, unlocking and using limit break here, and the hideout with changing music here.

Final Fantasy XVI releases on June 22 for PS5. Read our review of it here.

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