Sony just added a few more games to its growing lineup on PlayStation Hits games for PS4. The PlayStation Hits lineup launched a few years ago with many first and third-party games that have sold well on PS4. These games are repackaged versions of existing games at a lower price with the PlayStation Hits branding on the box art. The last time this lineup got major additions was in 2019. Read about that here. Today, there have been some interesting and notable additions to the lineup from Koei Tecmo Europe, Sega, and even Capcom. This list might add more as the days go by this week but as of now, the new additions are below:

PlayStation Hits 2020 PS4 games list

PlayStation Hits 2020 India Pricing

The PlayStation Hits catalogue titles launched here at Rs. 1,499. As of now, the new additions barring Resident Evil 6 are priced at the same price as other PlayStation Hits which is Rs. 1,499 on the PS Store.

In the case of Dynasty Warriors 9, the base game has been available for much lower already. For the Sega titles added, the Rs. 1,499 price point is great assuming the games make it here at retail. The Indian releases also don’t have the red outer box that the USA PlayStation Hits games have. It is going to be interesting to see if and when the Sega games get their new PlayStation Hits branded retail releases in India.

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