Following the Days of Play 2019 sale and PS4 discounts, Sony India has a new promotion known as the Independence Sale. During this period a host of games will be discounted. The PS4 Independence Sale starts on August 2 and ends on August 19 at stores both online and offline. Considering the relatively high price of games and accessories, any price reduction is welcome. However this latest set of offers is disappointing for a host of reasons.

For one, it’s pretty much the same set of games that were discounted during the Days of Play 2019 sale, with some glaring omissions that we’ll get to in a moment. The sole addition is Days Gone at Rs. 2,499. Given how that title was received, it appears that Sony is looking at an opportunity to clear existing stock.

Secondly, while sales to offload excess inventory is nothing new, the lack of killer titles is perplexing. Nothing from Sony’s stellar back catalogue like Everybody’s Golf, Gravity Rush 2, Gravity Rush Remastered, or The Last Guardian. Even heavyweights from Sony’s Western studios like Spider-Man and God of War are missing despite featuring in Days of Play 2019. And yes, PS Plus subscriptions aren’t discounted either.

Finally, and the biggest drawback is the lack of discounts on the PS4 or PS VR itself. Granted, Sony has faced supply issues for both throughout the year and retailers have even been told that the PS4 Slim 500GB has been discontinued but you have to wonder what exactly is happening when supply issues plague a market for a greater part of the console’s seven year existence.

That said, if you had to pick up anything from Sony’s PS4 Independence Sale, here’s what we recommend.

PS4 Independence Sale 2019 best deals

  • Shadow of Colossus Rs. 1,499 (MRP Rs. 2,499)
  • Bloodborne Game of the Year Edition Rs. 1,499 (MRP Rs. 1,999)
  • DualShock 4 controllers in Red, Black, White, Blue, or Camouflage Rs. 4,050 (MRP Rs. 5,050)
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