After the initial reveal for Japan yesterday, Koei Tecmo Europe has confirmed a Western release for Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV. I speculated that Koei Tecmo Europe would probably announce a localisation in digital form at least and they actually went ahead and confirmed the localisation much sooner than I expected. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV launches this Winter in Japan for PS4 and PC and it is releasing on the same platforms in North America and Europe as confirmed by both Koei Tecmo America and Koei Tecmo Europe. It is also getting a physical release on PlayStation 4. Watch the new historic trailer for the game showcasing how the series has evolved below:

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV brings back gameplay mechanics from Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX and XI where all actions took place on a single map. Watch the teaser trailer for it below:

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV releases in Early 2020 for PlayStation 4 and PC. Koei Tecmo Europe’s recent games have not released here officially but they are all available digitally so expect a digital release on time in India for sure.

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