Koei Tecmo Europe just released a major update for Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV on PS4 and PC. This update is the version 1.07 update on PS4 and is also available on PC via Steam. Koei Tecmo has been updating the game a fair bit ever since launch bringing in Chinese voices, new paid DLC, and much more including 60fps gameplay on PC. The patch notes for the July update have been revealed for both PS4 and PC. The update download size is 59.64MB on PS4. Watch the trailer for Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV below:

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV version 1.07 update patch notes

■Function Expansion/Adjustments
– Added the “Auto-play” feature to the “Settings” menu.
– Added a “Refine” button to the officer list under “Officers”.
– For Officers, “Refine” is now executed with “OK” and “Back” buttons.
– Improved the processing speed of the Advancement Phase when officers that were dispatched by using the Foreign or People command returned.
– Now, when officers are placed at new cities due to an event, officers that are undergoing missions are less likely to be chosen.
– Now, when an alliance is concluded, Submission Demands made against the allied force are canceled.

■Bug fixes
– Corrected an issue in which, after performing a certain procedure to switch between tabs on the information screen, the tab for the player’s force could not be opened.
– Corrected an issue in which, if the affiliation of a target city was changed due to an event after the suggestion Sabotage was selected, the suggestion was not displayed correctly.
– Corrected an issue in which, if a certain procedure was performed when building, the last HEX that was designated previously would incorrectly be designated again.
– Corrected the data for the scenario “Battle of Tong Gate”.
– Corrected typographical errors and messages.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV July DLC

Today, the following DLC has gone live:

  • Scenario: The Battle of Hefei & Event Set
  • Scenario: Hebei Conflict & Event Set
  • Editor – 3rd Wave

These are included in the season pass as well.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is now available on PS4 and PC. Read my review of the PS4 version here.

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