Sega revealed another trailer for PS4 exclusive Sakura Wars which focusses on the game’s antagonists. Titled as the ‘Sakura Wars Demon Conflict Trailer’, it gives us a generous look at the combat gameplay with the mecha or Spiricle Armor, as the game calls it, in full view. Furthermore, story details alluding to Sakura Wars’ villainous duo — Yasha and Oboro and their motives are also showcased. You can check out the trailer right here:

Oboro (designed by Bleach creator Tite Kubo) appears to be a demon lord while Yasha on the other hand, seems to be a figure whose origins are wrapped in mystery that will probably unravel over the course of the game.

Previous Sakura Wars trailers depicted new characters, dialogue mechanics, story moments, and even it’s full opening video.  Watch it below featuring music by Kohei Tanaka (One Piece, Gravity Rush):

Sakura Wars releases on April 28 for PS4. Check out all our coverage of Sakura Wars here.

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