Sega just announced an official release for the Sakura Wars soundtrack. Sakura Wars released this April on PS4 (and only digitally in India) worldwide and is a pretty great game. One of the highlights is definitely the soundtrack featuring many vocal tracks and great instrumentals composed by Kohei Tanaka (One Piece, Gravity Rush). While Sega released the theme song and had select songs from the soundtrack included in the Japanese limited edition release, an official soundtrack has finally been announced. It will be getting a physical and digital release. Check out the full Sakura Wars soundtrack track list here.

Sakura Wars soundtrack price

The standard edition will include 3 CDs and is priced at 4,500 Yen (approximately Rs. 3,100). The digital release is priced at 3,600 Yen (approximately Rs. 2,500).

Sakura Wars soundtrack on Spotify and Apple Music

The announcement mentions Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, and Amazon Music for streaming.

Sakura Wars is now available on PS4.

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