Spike Chunsoft confirmed EU release dates for both AI: The Somnium Files and Crystar a while ago. Crystar releases on PS4 physically and digitally and PC digitally in August. AI: The Somnium Files releases in September physically and digitally for PS4 and Nintendo Switch and digitally for PC. Numskull Games is a recently launched publisher that is the video game publishing part of the popular Numskull Designs. Check out the PS4 box art for both games announced so far below:

AI: The Somnium Files releases for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch physically and digitally on September 20 while Crystar launches physically and digitally on August 30. Spike Chunsoft will be handling the retail release in North America while Numskull Games handles it in Europe and Australia. Both games will also be on PC via Steam and that is a digital only release from Spike Chunsoft. Numskull Designs doesn’t have an Indian distributor yet so don’t expect a local release.

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