Street Fighter V: Champion Edition released worldwide alongside a major patch for all Street Fighter V players this past Friday. With every new release of any game, potential buyers are always curious about the content included on disc because some publishers repackage the original day one discs with a code for any DLC and call it a day. With Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, unboxing videos have confirmed that the disc includes patches for Street Fighter V but not the DLC as expected. This is because of how the DLC is handled for Street Fighter V as opposed to other games. The unboxing below for an Europe region (the same as the ones sold in India) retail copy of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition confirms it ships with version 3.00 on disc:

In Street Fighter V, DLC is locked to your Capcom Fighters Network ID that is linked to your PSN profile. So when you redeem the code included or buy any DLC on PSN for the game, it is locked to your PSN profile and will not be visible on other profiles on the console. This is similar to how subsriptions inside games or microtransactions are handled for games. If you were waiting for a complete disc release with all content included on disc, this is likely as close as you will get to that. Unless Capcom changes up the infrastructure for the DLC on PS4, it will not be like other fighting games where you can share DLC across accounts on the same console.

When it comes to patches, 3.00 is included on disc and the current version is 3.01. Read the patch notes for the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition upgrade here. Because of how DLC is handled, when you redeem the code for the Champion Edition content, it just unlocks immediately and no download is required while other fighters need the DLC to download before you can access the content. The code is also included in North American retail copies of the game as confirmed by retailer POPnGAMES on YouTube.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is now available on PS4 and PC worldwide.

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