Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is out today on PS4 and PC worldwide and Capcom pushed out a big patch for the current version of the game on both platforms a few hours ago. The Street Fighter V: Champion Edition version 5.012 patch is live on PC and PS4 as version 3.01 (on the console dashboard) bringing in Seth, various balance changes, and adjustments. The patch download size is very large as expected from a major release for Capcom for Street Fighter V. Watch the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition launch trailer below:

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition 5.012 patch download size

The download size is 25GB on PC and 25.196GB on PS4.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition 5.012 patch notes

While mid-animation, taking damage at point-blank range used to result in the distance between both character models widening, but this issue has now been addressed.

Specifically, adjustments have been made to the following:

  • Moves where the issue occurs between the start of the animation and the 5th frame. (For some moves where the character moves a significant distance, adjustments beyond the 5th frame were made.)
  • Moves with a large collision box on recovery, where taking a hit while missing an attack/blocking does not result in both characters being at point-blank range afterwards.
  • The first 2 frames of a back dash.

All moves described above have been adjusted.

Areas Affected by These Adjustments

  • Distance/situation after an attack varies according to the collision box and pushback on hit/block for each move. Fine adjustments have been made, but other value changes have been observed as a result.
  • Adjustments were made to make attack hits/blocks/misses act closer to their original versions.
  • However, the methods of applying said adjustments differs according to character and move, so in some cases move properties and post-move situations have been changed.

Regarding point 1) above (“Moves where the issue occurs between the start of the animation and the 5th frame”), it was felt that adjusting all actions would change things too drastically. Therefore, adjustments were limited to the places thought to be the most effective, i.e. point-blank attacking/defensive moves where the issue is most likely to occur. Character balance updates are here.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is now available on PS4 and PC. We will have a review for it on both platforms in the near future.

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