Catherine: Full Body released on PS4 in the West (not in India) in September last year. It is an enhanced remake of the original Catherine that debuted on PS3 and Xbox 360 bringing new story content, voice acting, music, puzzles, and more. Atlus West (Atlus USA at the time) opted to only release it on PS4 in the West leaving the PS Vita version of Catherine: Full Body in Japan. Over the weekend, a rating for a Nintendo Switch version of Catherine: Full Body was revealed in Korea. It isn’t unusual for games to be rated before getting officially announced. Octopath Traveler for PC was rated for the platform well before it was announced.

Catherine: Full Body for Nintendo Switch will be the newest port for the Atlus classic since Sega Europe brought Catherine Classic to PC through Steam. It is worth noting that while retail listings can often be mistakes, a rating for a game on a platform from the publisher rarely ends up not materialising. I fully expect an announcement for a Nintendo Switch version in the next few months. Whether it ends up in a Nintendo Direct or not, remains to be seen.

Catherine: Full Body is now available on PS4.

SOURCEGame Rating and Administration Committee of Korea
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