After revealing Seth for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition earlier today, Capcom released the big December balance and content update for the game. This version 2.14 update is now live on PS4 and on PC bringing various balance changes, V Skill 2, and the new character Gill for those who own the Champion Edition Upgrade. Watch the Gill trailer below:

Street Fighter V December 2019 full patch notes

General Adjustments

Health and Stun Adjustments

Health and stun parameters were adjusted for each character to be in line with their overall functionality. Health adjustments have been made as high as 25, while stun numbers have been adjusted as high as 50.

CA After Blocking a Projectile

Previously, if you blocked a projectile and transitioned straight to a CA against some characters, a V-Reversal is no longer possible and CA chip damage occurs. It was very powerful to take advantage of this situation when a character’s health was low enough to be chip KO’ed, so it has been fixed so that this cannot be taken advantage of anymore.

Inconsistency in Down-State Collision Box

During the down to wake-up animation, the size of the collision box for all characters was set the same. However, some characters had different collision boxes during specific down states or wake-up animations. This affected certain wake up attacks and setups, so the collision box in the down state has been standardized across all characters.

Several light fixes have also been made.


His main close to mid-range basic moves have been enhanced to make his ground fighting more solid.  Also, by altering the specs of his “Denjinrenki (V-Trigger 1),” which makes it easier to incorporate his special move into a combo, the amount of damage that can be inflicted in a single opportunity has increased.

Ryu’s well known “crouch MK” has been updated to adjust its disadvantage when blocked, making it easier to use.  

His “EX Jodansokutogeri” can now combo into his “L Tatsumakisenpukyaku,” and his M & H version is easier to combo from a standard move, allowing him to continue to be the aggressor.

His V Trigger 1 has been altered so it doesn’t decrease his V Timer when using his enhanced special moves.  While his V Timer length has been slightly reduced, it allows tactics that utilize his enhanced special moves to be more powerful.


Chun-Li is a character that has attacks that are efficient for any situation, but the overall damage is low and resulted in situations where players often were not able to win the match.

Through this adjustment, her overall power has been increased.

・Upper adjustment to middle range move, which is her signature distance

・Increase of combo damage and combo that allows more chance to execute normal throws in close range

・Increasing opportunity to follow up by making an adjustment to some states after move

“Hyakuretsukyaku.” Changed the V-Trigger and CA cancel timing to latter motion state to increase damage within that combo.

In addition to that, “H Hyakuretsukyaku” will make the opponent knockdown on hit.

“Crouching MK” while moving forward makes it easier to continue attacking without using EX Gauge, allowing more pressure to the opponent in ground combat.

Furthermore, the below adjustments have also been incorporated:

・Preventing accidental execution of special move when using air throw as anti-air

・Allowing priority input when connecting “Yosokyaku” to “Airborne Hyakuretsukyaku”


Adjustments have been made to strengthen anti-air capabilities and ground attacks including projectiles.

There was some difficulty properly using different anti-air options against characters who were able to change their trajectory mid-air. As a result, “H Sonic Scythe” and “EX Sonic Scythe” are now invincible against airborne attacks from its active frame. If players are able to react to the jump animation at an early timeframe, they’ll be able to counter most jump attacks.

Basic anti-air normals were difficult to follow up after hitting the opponent in the air. Now, the duration that the opponent is left in the air increases after being hit by a Standing MK or Standing HK, allowing Nash to follow up with a forward dash attack to keep the pressure.

By combining these improved anti-air capabilities and the strengthened “Sonic Boom,” it will allow players to utilize familiar strategies and dish out more damage.

■M. Bison

We adjusted the basic attacks and unique attacks associated with control and distance.

Standing HP was utilized relatively often to control distance, so the hit box was reduced so that there’s a higher change of whiffing. In addition, the hurt box was expanded so that there is a higher risk when whiffing or blocking up close.

“Psycho Axe” was the basis of creating a lot of attack opportunities and has been adjusted with an expanded hurt box, reduction of the size of the box that triggers the opponent’s block, and increase in recovery time on whiff to limit its use as a means of closing distance with the opponent.

In addition, we reduced the pushback on hit for the first attack of the “Double Knee Press”, so that it becomes harder to whiff your CA upon activating it through a “Double Knee Press” cancel.


We’ve expanded Cammy’s attack capabilities by allowing her to chain combos after an aerial hit, utilizing moves like her “Knee Bullet” and “Reverse Edge (V-Trigger II).”

The positive net upon a Reverse Edge hit has been slightly reduced, but there’s less chance of being countered upon guard due to decreased disadvantage frame on block. In the past, damage upon hit was higher, but there was far more risk upon getting blocked. It was very much a high risk, high reward attack. By making this adjustment, players can use it more freely against projectiles and throws.


We made adjustments on his basic moves that can be used for distance control. His risk/reward for some of the moves got balanced by expanding the hurtbox and disadvantage on recovery when whiff.

For his Special Move, adjustments were made on “M H Hanging Chain,” which was not used as much, by reducing the recovery on hit. We rebalanced the performance of Special Moves that were easy to use for combo and slight backward adjustments were made.


Close-range basic moves have been adjusted to improve the use of his rushdown.

Ken’s appeal is being able to close the distance and deal damage up close. So, we looked into increasing the chance to execute a combo with “Chin Buster,” attacking an opponent outside of their throw range.  Also, we’ve made it easier to execute Special Moves off a Crouching MK to punish opponents who shy away from close-range battles and keep backing off.

We found that Shinryuken (V-Trigger II) wasn’t utilized much, so we improved all levels of it to make it a more viable tool.


Adjustments have been made on follow-ups after combos or crush counter activations.

It was difficult aiming for a combo without utilizing the EX gauge from a light attack. M Raging Light was a less frequently utilized attack, so by expanding its hitbox range, players have an additional weapon to utilize in their combos. This also allows players to hold onto their EX gauge during a match.

The frame disadvantage of “EX Valiant Rebellion” on block has been alleviated to make it a more viable option to consume EX gauge. Even if the opponent is guarding, it’ll be easier to keep being aggressive and backing them into a corner.

If a crush counter occurs during a Standing HP, it was difficult to follow-up without cancelling into a Special Move. Based on the circumstance, follow-ups have been made easier. We adjusted the crush counter so that players are not forced to cancel into Special if they want to attempt a follow-up attack.


We’ve made the claw easier to use, in order to highlight upon the difference in playstyle between having the claw equipped or not. We also added a new move called “Sky High Claw” as a long-range opportunistic move effective against projectiles.

We also overhauled and improved “Bloody Kiss” to make it a more effective combo tool, such as being able to cancel into from other Special Moves and improving Vega’s movement after a hit or block.

■R. Mika

She went through minimal change, with some adjustments made to her melee attacks.

The frequently utilized “Stomp Chomp” can now combo into “H Shooting Peach” to make it easier to dish out combo damage and back opponents into the corner.

V-Trigger I and II have been modified so that if Nadeshiko’s attack and Mika’s throw hit the opponent at the same time, Nadeshiko’s attack will take priority.


We took a look at moves associated with keeping mid-range control and distance and made whiffing much more punishable.

The Crouching MP has been greatly modified so that it is easier to execute combos that chain L Whirlwind Shot and Wing Stroke (V-Skill II) together. For his bigger attacks, the “L and M Spinning Mixer” parameters and post-attack opportunities have been slightly reduced.


The stun of each Special Move has been reduced and the separation distance of a successful Hajotsui (Forward Throw) in a corner has been increased. By making this change, it maintains the character’s defining close-to-mid range fighting style, while increasing the frequency of risk vs reward situations.

The Crouching MK has a long range with potential big returns, so its motion during recovery and hurtbox have been adjusted accordingly. Upon attack, the duration that her leg is out is extended and her hurtbox is also extended, so whiffing is far more punishable.

As for other adjustments, Karin’s hurtbox pointing down during jumping attacks was relatively big, making her vulnerable even against attacks which weren’t necessarily applicable as anti-air attacks. It’s not a significant change, but her Jumping HP and Jumping HK hurt boxes have been slightly reduced.


His mid-range control attacks have gone through some fine-tuning.

Much of his mid-range control was determined by his Standing MP, so we delayed the timing at which the hurtbox disappears during recovery. On the flip side, the less frequently utilized Standing MK has a smaller hurtbox now. With these changes, the idea is to be able to balance the effectiveness of both moves depending on the opponent or how they may be maneuvering.

In addition, “Knee Hammer” now has increased movement with a reduced backwards hit box for active frames to make it a more effective attack in creating more advantageous situations.


Changes have been made to accentuate Laura’s signature fast-paced attacks and close-range combos.

The cancel window for a Crouching MK has been increased, to allow cancelling into Special Moves to be executed upon hit confirming. “L Bolt Charge” is easier to execute without being consecutively blocked, so it’ll be easier to counter opponents hoping to take advantage of “Linear Movement – Avante.”

Start up for “L Sunset Wheel” has been increased, but the throw range has been widened to grapple enemies that previously would have been out of range. “M Sunset Wheel” has the same throw range as the previous L Sunset Wheel to allow players to still use pre-existing combos.

“EX Thunder Clap” projectile travel speed changes depending on the button pressed to create different opportunities. For example, even from a relatively far distance, a Standing HP crush counter can more easily combo into an EX Thunder Clap by utilizing a H version of it with fast projectile. It is now a versatile tool that can be utilized in both guard and combo situations.


While maintaining his patented long-range fighting style, adjustments have been made to his anti-air capabilities.

“EX Yoga Fire” recovery frames have been slightly reduced and the stagger time for the first hit has been increased to drastically change comboing it together with his regular long-range attacks.

Anti-air attacks such as Crouching MP and “Yoga Anvil” can now cancel into “Yoga Float (V-Skill).” Basic jumping moves can also cancel into “Yoga Sansara (V-Trigger II)” to allow for even more unique movements.


Modifications have been made to strengthen F.A.N.G’s unique and tricky movement in keeping distance from the opponent and taking advantage of any openings.

F.A.N.G has powerful anti-air capabilities, but had difficulty dealing with any opponents that were able to change trajectory in mid-air. His jump attack was designed as an air-to-air counterattack, but it was difficult to use due to its movement. His Jumping MP now has a blowback knockdown and is now cancellable into “Nikyoushu” to raise the reward of a successful counter. It’s an addition to F.A.N.G’s strategy of utilizing his reach to keep opponents at bay.

The first hit of the long-range attack “Nirenko” can be canceled into a special move, widening the breadth of attacks that F.A.N.G can shift into. Normally, it is difficult to cancel into a special move, especially with movement restrictions when charging. However, with Dokunomu (V-Trigger I), F.A.N.G does not need to charge up to cancel into a special move. By pairing these abilities together, there will be large variances in his movement between his normal state or when V-Trigger II is active.


His mid-range and unique attacks have been improved, as well as his damage output after successfully reading the opponent and landing a melee attack.

Attacks with long range such as his Standing MK, Crouching MP and Crouching MK have modifications with reduced start up frame, and reduced hurtbox for more effective mid-range control. Players also have more combo opportunities such as linking “Lariat” to an “H Flash Chop” or chaining a Standing MP to an “M Slash Elbow.” Reading the opponent correctly will return more on the investment.

By strengthening these capabilities, his throws and moves becoming far more threatening as he jumps or steps forward towards the opponent. By improving his close-to-mid range battles, he will have far more opportunities to drop the opponent’s health.


Guile does not have any significant changes, with only slight changes to his basic and special moves.

Similar to Chun-Li, his “L Sonic Boom” and “L Somersault Kick” have been adjusted so that an incorrect input won’t occur when attempting an aerial throw.


Ibuki is all about speed and being aggressive. However, we found that the length of time she would stay aggressive was relatively long. We assessed the continuity of her attacks. Once she’s on the offensive, attacks that can continue her offense now come with a risk that opens her up to being countered unless utilized at the right distance or timing.

“EX Airborne Kunai” is an incredibly powerful offensive attack, so we increased its recovery frame when the explosion is not hitting the opponent. If it’s utilized too close to the opponent, it heightens the likelihood of being countered, so it should now be used more from a distance.

The hurtbox of “Tenrai (V-Skill)” was expanded soon after she takes action. This was done to stop taking advantage of her relatively smaller hurtbox to charge in. It’s easier to fall victim to opponent attacks at long range when hitting each other at the same time as well.

“Fuma Shuriken – Haku (V-Trigger II)” has combo strength and good risk vs reward after a block, so we modified it so that it’s easier to get countered upon being blocked. Players will no longer be able to activate it easily regardless of a hit or block, so they must be more methodical and calculated when utilizing it.


Balrog’s update is mainly focused on close range combo through the upper adjustment on L attack and V-Trigger II.

Reach of Standing LP got slightly increased, making it easier to connect it from Crouching LP and Crouching LK. So, combos like Crouching LP ⇒ Crouching LK ⇒ Standing LP are executable. With this adjustment, Balrog can bring the game to his favorite level and be the aggressor.

Furthermore, we allowed more moves that can cancel into No Mercy and made it more useful.


Mainly adjusted her Special Moves in order to make it more convenient to use in situations like combo and anti-air etc.

When you cancel Standing or Crouching LP to her signature move, “Fuharenkyaku,” her forward hitbox got expanded. It can still reach the opponent after 2 L attacks if performed at an extremely close range.

“EX Fuharenkyaku” now allow the first and the second hit to be staggered damage and also the second hit can be cancelled to V-Trigger. This is useful as a combo when you do not have any stock of “Fuharenkyaku” or you wish to forcefully attack.

Regarding her V-Trigger II “Feng Shui Engine beta,” these adjustments were made:

・Expanded the range at which she can absorb EX meter.

・V-Timer will not get consumed when getting hit right after activation.


We made some changes on his basic moves and unique attacks, which can be used to control distance, but the overall usability has not changed much.

Standing HP did not have much risk when whiffed, so we expanded the hurtbox during recovery, making it vulnerable unless used wisely.

On the other hand, we increased the pushback distance on block and reduced the hurtbox at the foot for “Quarrel Kick” and reduced some usage risk.


We looked into the performance of basic and special moves for Akuma.

We increased the pushback distance on block for “Crouching MP” and added 3F of recovery on “Goshoha (Forward Throw).”

Regarding the adjustments on hitbox/hurtbox, here are the major changes we made:

・Standing MK – Expanded the hurtbox.

・Standing HP – Expanded the hurtbox during recovery on whiff.

・”EX Hyakkishu” – Reduced the hitbox and expanded the hurtbox.

We made changes to many moves that were used frequently to rebalance Akuma so players can look for new ways to play him.

Another major change we made is that you can no longer activate V-Trigger I “Dohatsu Shoten” from cancelling “Gohadoken” and “Sekia Goshoha” on whiff. If the fireball is on hit or being blocked, it can still be cancelled with V-Trigger I activation.


We looked into the performance of moves used for distance control and strengthened V-Trigger I “Diamond Dust.”

Both Standing HP and “Sniping Kick,” which had low risk on whiff, got their backwards hurtbox expanded during recovery, adding more risk on whiff. However, the reward for these moves is still high, so it can still be used as a strong move to pressure the opponent.

 V-Trigger I “Diamond Dust” can now be executed through cancelling “EX Silver Edge.” With this, Kolin can keep and increase an opponent’s Stun Meter through her combo and by countering their projectiles. This allows Kolin to aim Stun + Freeze state more than before.

Furthermore, we reduced the startup of Special Move version of “Diamond Dust” from 19F to 17F, so this can be connected from Crouching MK.


Ed’s concept is simple control, so we made adjustments on usage of basic and special moves to make him slightly easier to play.

Since Ed had difficulty attacking through opponent’s blocks, we made adjustments on his Crouching LK by reducing the pushback on hit so that there are more ways to connect each attack. This offered more risk for the opponent to move back or back step, making Ed’s normal throw and other actions easier to hit.

Ed’s Special Moves received a lot of adjustments and “Psycho Flicker” got major updates. For example:

・changed input command priority to prevent the phenomenon where Ed performs “Psycho Upper” when cancelled from other attack.

・increased forward movement distance of moves.

Other basic and special moves have been updated, so there will be more chances to utilize them during battle.


Abigail’s adjustments are based on getting more benefits through the action of utilizing the EX meter.

“EX Abigail Punch” made the opponent float higher, allowing the state after the float to be more beneficial and allow Level 2 version of “Metro Crash” to hit multiple times.

Stomping motion of “EX Nitro Charge” hits multiple times to both ground and airborne opponents, making his ability to push the opponent to the edge stronger than the previous state. Although the situation to apply it inside the combo is limited, Abigail can drain an opponent’s health when used properly.


We believe that Menat has been adjusted just the way we wanted her to be, so this update is mostly done to make her V-Trigger II “Prophecy of Thoth” more useful.

By allowing other Special Moves to cancel into “Judgement of Thoth,” there are many opportunities for combos whether the players has the Crystal Ball or not.

“Judgement of Thoth” allows the Crystal Ball to fire out in different directions, based on L,M,H inputs, so players can try it with other Special Moves to find the most effective action.


Some of the moves for Young form got rebalanced, but his basic strategy of getting in close range of the opponent to execute high damage combos has not changed.

For the Old form, we’ve made Crouching MK cancelable into Special Moves. This will give players different ways to engage the opponent in close combat.

Furthermore, we noticed that his V-Trigger II “Karura Tenzan” was not used as much, so it can now cancel into EX Special move. By connecting them, Zeku can aggressively do high damage through his anti-air or combo.


For Sakura, we adjusted and added parts for her combo and made updates to moves derived from her V-Skill “Haru Kaze” and V-Trigger I “Haru Arashi.”

Standing LP and “EX Shunpukyaku” can now be connected as combo and can now be aimed to execute from Standing HK crush counter ⇒ front step or “Chin Buster Kick.” At the corner, you can continue to follow up, making it a surprising strong combo that starts from L attacks.

In order to offer more variety during the activation of V-Trigger I “Haru Arashi,”we increased the hitbox for “V Tengyo Hadoken” and also adjusted the blowback distance for “Hogasyo.” Sakura players will get maximum reward by choosing the most efficient combo for each situation.

All three derived moves from V-Skill “Haru Kaze” are improved. “Kashinfu,” for example, reduced the recovery on hit and can continue to attack the opponent.


Made adjustments on “Surprise Forward” and “Raid Jump” so that Blanka can move around the stage more aggressively. Since the opponent needs to fight Blanka with that in mind, it gives extra pressure when facing his jump and “Rolling Attack.”

We also adjusted the “EX Vertical Rolling” by increasing the hitbox when used in a combo from “EX Rolling Attack,” making it easier to hit the opponent from behind.


We made improvements to moves of all range for Falke and made her stronger overall than her previous state.

Her signature move with the rod now has less charge time. Specifically with “Pshycho Kugel,” the staff’s hurtbox became invincible to projectiles when hit as counter. “Standing MK” can be followed up as well. This change makes this move useful to control the range.

For close range combat, we reduced the pushback on block for Standing MP and allowed Crouching MK to be cancelled into CA, making her aggressiveness pay off.

Furthermore, adjustments were made to connect “Psycho Kugel” and “Katapult” from Standing LP. This allows Falke to change back to the aggressor and punish then, when an opponent whiffs their attack.


Multiple adjustments were made for Cody. For example:

-Improvements to his basic moves.

-Adding a level 2 to “Zonk Knuckle.”

-Adjusting “Ruffian Kick” to make it easier to use on its own without incorporating it in combo.

Holding down the P button for over 300 frames with “Zonk Knuckle” now activates an improved Level 2 version of it. Cody can combo afterwards from both the normal and EX version, and the EX version has higher frame advantage on block. There is a downside that the P button is unavailable for use while holding it down, but we believe the positives of the move outweigh the negatives.

His less-frequently used “Side Arm (V-Trigger I)” has gone through multiple adjustments to be far more effective when in the effective distance from the opponent. Basic attacks with the knife have also been improved to be more effective at close-to-mid range combat. The “Reload” cost has also been reduced and can be utilized after a Tornado Sweep, to extend out the overall time that the knife can be out to widen Cody’s breadth of attack opportunities.


No major adjustments were made to alter G’s playstyle, strategies or movement. Aside from allowing a successful Crouching MK to connect into a Standing or Crouching LP, most of his adjustments are based around “Dangerous President (V-Trigger II).”

As one of the Special Moves that can be used during “Dangerous President,” “G Explosion” can now be executed after canceling from a “G Smash Under” for easier combo opportunities.

“G Rage” is one of the throwing moves with armor. The V-Timer consumption has been reduced during it, making the situation far better upon hit. As a character that doesn’t have any three-frame attacks or invincibility moves, this becomes an effective means of withstanding opponent attacks and switching roles to the offense.

By improving and differentiating between two of his special moves, his overall functionality and flexibility has been improved.


Much of Sagat’s playstyle leaned too heavily on his mid-range control, so we revised his basic attacks that were less frequently used to widen the range that they would be effective.

For example, the frame disadvantage of his Standing HP and Crouching HK on whiff have been reduced, making them more effective distance control tools. By combining these improved attacks with “Tiger Shot” and “Grand Tiger Shot,” Sagat’s strategy of keeping opponents at bay has been improved.

Since his “Tiger Assault (V-Trigger II)” was an all-purpose move that could be used in various situations, “Tiger Cannon (V-Trigger I)” was increased to be more usable as well.


While Kage has always been a character who has a wide variety of special moves that inflict a lot of damage, he’s also known for having the following disadvantages:

– having a low amount of health

– having a difficult time avoiding the opponent’s moves and starting a combo

– having a difficult time pursuing the opponent after a high damage combo

Due to these issues, players had a hard time leveraging his advantages and not being able to win fights.

In order to make Kage more advantageous, we enhanced his “Kikokuduki” and his V-Skill, “Senha Kassatsu (Charge)” and made combos that utilize these moves to inflict more damage and create easier situations to keep the pressure.  By making these updates, Kage can now do massive amounts of damage in a single attack sequence. 


By updating the startup of her basic moves and increasing the hitbox of her “Avant Line,” Poison’s proficient mid and long range attacks have become enhanced and can apply more pressure.

In order to give her more options in the mid-to-long range distances, her “EX Love Me Tender” has been updated to become a quicker overhead Special Move.  In addition to it being a way to counter projectiles, its usage has been enhanced so that it can also be a surprise attack, differentiating it from other EX moves like “EX Heart Raid.”  While it’s more powerful, it’s now easier to get punished when blocked, so players need to be cautious of this.

Also, the frame disadvantage has been updated when “EX Avant Line” is blocked, making it so she can no longer get punished.  While she is powerful to use when leveraging her fast, long-range attacks, her short-range tactics have also been enhanced by reducing risk when cancelling from her L attacks.

■E. Honda

Certain updates have been made to E. Honda, such as his “vertical jump HP” increasing in distance, and his special moves getting enhanced, making his movements more Honda-esque.

Except for the L version, his “Sumo Headbutt” has increased in the amount of damage it inflicts. Specifically, the beginning of the move deals a lot of damage now. Since each variation has a different role (where M is used for combos, H is used for anti-air, and EX can change the tide of the battle), the amount of damage you can inflict in each scenario has been increased.

His “Oni-Daikaku,” which can only be used while his V-Trigger I is activated, consumes less of his V Timer when used, and has more of an opportunity to hit the opponent multiple times. Even if this is blocked, the risk of getting punished is low. When this powerful move does hit, it allows the player to easily push forward offensively and end the match quickly.


Her moves during her standard state have not been touched much, and the majority of her updates have been applied to her V-Trigger I, “Burning Fight,” which wasn’t being utilized much.  Alterations have been made so her footsies are enhanced when “Burning Fight” is activated, and to make it easier to put the strength of her short-range attacks to good use.

Her high class projectile, “V Flipper Shot,” has decreased in consumption of her V Timer, making it easier to use and easier to limit the opponent’s moves. With a lower cost, it is now easier to approach the opponent from a long distance and utilize tactics that involve both the projectile and Lucia herself.

Now, the distance that the opponent flies back when hitting with her V-Skill, “V Tap-Kick” has been reduced so that Lucia can keep the situation working in her favor, without consuming V-Timer any more. By using this after hitting the opponent with a basic move from a mid-range distance or her “V Fire Spinner,” it creates more opportunities to perform hard hitting combos while conserving her V Timer.

Street Fighter V is now available on PS4 and PC.

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