Originally announced alongside Super Robot Wars V, Super Robot Wars X that is available now on PS4 and PS Vita is being ported to PC and Nintendo Switch. Bandai Namco Entertainment just announced the release dates for both platforms and it is earlier than I expected. Super Robot Wars X is the last game in the series to see a PS Vita release with Super Robot Wars T ditching PS Vita for Nintendo Switch to go alongside the PS4 version. Watch the English trailer for PS4 and PS Vita version below:

Super Robot Wars X PC and Nintendo Switch release date

Super Robot Wars X releases on January 10, 2020 for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Super Robot Wars X PC region lock

Just like Super Robot Wars V, expect Super Robot Wars X to be region locked on PC for a few countries with no way to officially play it internationally. Hopefully Bandai Namco Entertainment can eventually start releasing this series in the West but things are unlikely with so many licenses involved.

Super Robot Wars X is available on PS4 and PS Vita. It releases for Nintendo Switch and PC on January 10, 2020.

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