Tetris Effect: Connected debuted as a timed exclusive on Xbox platforms in November last year. The original game debuted on PS4 before seeing a PC release via Epic Games Store. Tetris Effect: Connected was confirmed to come to to PS4 and Epic Games Store as a free update and also launch on PC via Steam on August 18. Today, Enhance announced that Tetris Effect: Connected is coming to Nintendo Switch in October. Watch the Tetris Effect: Connected trailer below:

Tetris Effect: Connected cross-platform multiplayer

Tetris Effect: Connected on all platforms will have cross-platform multiplayer.

Tetris Effect: Connected physical release

The original Tetris Effect got a physical release on PS4. It is likely that Tetris Effect: Connected gets a physical release on both Nintendo Switch and PS4 given how popular the game is.

Tetris Effect: Connected is out now on Xbox platforms. It releases on August 18 for PS4, Steam, and Epic Games Store and October 8 for Nintendo Switch.

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