NIS America announced a demo when the release date of Trails of Cold Steel III was pushed from September to October this year. Trails of Cold Steel III is a PS4 only release unlike earlier entries and it aims to elevate the series even higher in the West. Over the last few months, NIS America has been revealing more about Falcom’s first PS4 only release. Check out the newest trailer for the game below:

Trails of Cold Steel III demo contents and save transfer

The Trails of Cold Steel III demo includes the prologue up until the boss fight. You can transfer your save to the final game and defeat the boss to unlock the prologue trophy in the final game. The demo has no trophies. As of now the demo is live on PSN in Europe, India, and more. It will go live in North America in a few hours.

Trails of Cold Steel III demo download size

The Trails of Cold Steel III demo is a 12.65GB download on PSN. Download it here.

Trails of Cold Steel III digital pre-order bonus

All digital pre-orders include Juna’s ‘Lloyd Bannings’ Costume and Rean’s Unspeakable Costume.

Trails of Cold Steel III India price and PS+ pre-order discount

Pre-orders are now live on PSN for India and EU regions. The standard edition pre-order price is Rs. 3,499. PS+ members can pre-order it for Rs. 3,149. The Digital Deluxe Edition pre-order price is Rs. 4,799 with PS+ members getting it at a discounted price of Rs. 3,599.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III releases on October 22 for PlayStation 4.

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