One of the best entries in the long-running Yakuza franchise, Yakuza 0 is out on the Xbox One this week for purchase and via Xbox Game Pass for console and PC. Whether you’re a Yakuza newbie or have strong opinions on the direction the franchise is taking with Yakuza: Like a Dragon aka Yakuza 7, Yakuza 0 is a fantastic instalment that’s well-worth playing. More importantly, it sports a huge number of mini-games. They’re crucial to experience if you’re looking to get every achievement and thus the full 1,000 Gamerscore on Xbox One, the coveted platinum trophy on PS4, or simply every achievement on Steam. Here’s what you’ll need to play.

Yakuza 0 mini-games list for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

  • Arcade: Fantasy Zone
  • Arcade: Out Run
  • Arcade: Space Harrier
  • Arcade: Super Hang-On
  • Arcade: UFO Catcher
  • Batting Centre
  • Bowling
  • Casino: General
  • Casino: Baccarat
  • Casino: Blackjack
  • Casino: Poker
  • Casino: Roulette
  • Gambling: General
  • Gambling: Cee-lo
  • Gambling: Cho-han
  • Gambling: Koi-koi
  • Gambling: Oicho-kabu
  • Catfights
  • Darts
  • Disco
  • Fishing
  • Karaoke
  • Mahjong
  • Pocket Circuit
  • Pool
  • Shogi
  • Telephone Club

Yakuza 0 Xbox Game Pass release date

Yakuza 0 joins Xbox Game Pass for Console and Xbox Game Pass for PC on February 26. Yakuza 0 is available on PS4 and PC via Steam. It arrives on Xbox One on February 26.

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