NIS America previously announced that Yurukill: The Calumniation Games has been delayed due to development challenges and to ensure a quality experience for customers. The game has been localized by NIS America for PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch in the West with the PC version self-published. Yurukill: The Calumniation Games demo download is available on all consoles. The bullet hell meets adventure game hybrid is being developed by G.rev and has looked amazing so far. I’m playing it on PS5 and Switch for review. The Yurukill version 1.06 update has gone live on PS4 alongside the Yurukill version 1.0.5 update for Nintendo Switch. Watch the launch trailer below:

Yurukill version 1.0.5 update patch notes for Nintendo Switch

  • Dialogue History performance improvements Loading when opening and closing the Dialogue History feature is now smoother.
  • New feature: Dialogue skip Players can now skip through dialogue by holding down the skip button during dialogue scenes.
  • New feature: Toggleable dialogue speed Text is now displayed faster during dialogue scenes. From the Language / Text Speed menu, players can choose between “Normal,” “Fast,” and “Max.”

The patches notes below are from the PS4 update history.

Yurukill version 1.06 update patch notes

  • Fixed an issue causing a soft lock in Chapter 7 of the main story mode under certain circumstances.
  • Various other minor bug fixes.

Yurukill version 1.05 update patch notes

  • Fix to score mix-up bug in Score attack Mode (Scores from ALL PLAY added to Stage 1 scores)
  • UI bug and other minir bug fixes.

Yurukill version 1.03 update patch notes

  • Added dialogue skip feature and toggleable text speed feature
  • Performance improvements to dialogue history feature
  • Various other minor bug fixes

Yurukill version 1.02 update patch notes

  • Fix to visual bug in shmup section

Yurukill version 1.01 update patch notes

  • Minor bug fixes to Main Story mode

Yurukill: The Calumniation Games demo download link

Download the Yurukill: The Calumniation Games demo here on PS4, here on PS5, and here on Nintendo Switch.

Yurukill: The Calumniation Games collector’s edition

Yurukill: The Calumniation Games is getting a collector’s edition. You can pre-order it here. It includes the following:

  • Yurukill: The Calumniation Games Deluxe Edition for PS5, PS4, or Nintendo Switch
  • “Pardon or Kill” Hardcover Art Book
  • Yurukill Original Soundtrack
  • Binko Acrylic Stand
  • “Calumniation of Sin” 17″ x 24″ Cloth Poster
  • Mass Murderers Team Pin
  • Collector’s Box

Check out the official website here. It is going to be interesting to see when Yurukill: The Calumniation Games releases on PC via Steam in the West as well, and how each platform compares with the other. The demo was live in Japan for a while, but it is now available in the West.

Yurukill: The Calumniation Games is out now worldwide on Nintendo Switch, PS5, and PS4 through NIS America and self-published on PC via Steam.

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