A.O.T. 2: Final Battle is a massive expansion to the base game including new characters, new gear, a lot of new story content, and more. A demo is available across all consoles for A.O.T. 2 which is called Attack on Titan 2 in North America. If you haven’t played the original AOT: Wings of Freedom, this release will cover all story content in that and newer content from the anime since then. Final Battle has a lot of new mechanics and equipment in addition to new playable characters. Watch some of the new equipment shown off in new trailers below:

A.O.T. 2: Final Battle will cover all three seasons of the anime and will be available as a standalone release or as an upgrade for owners of the base game. If you finished the base game and are more or less up to speed with the anime, watch the story trailer for A.O.T. 2: Final Battle below:

A.O.T. 2: Final Battle releases on July 5 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It will also be available as an upgrade for players who own A.O.T. 2 on those platforms.

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