Death end re;Quest 2 from Idea Factory International and Compile Heart is out next week on PC via Steam and it arrives on PS4 on August 25. The follow up to Death end re;Quest, which is one of Compile Heart’s better games, debuted in Japan on PS4 and as is the case with most Idea Factory International releases, a PC version has been added for the West. The original Death end re;Quest had an interesting narrative that blends parallel existences and turn-based combat that had a pool ball-like mechanic. 

Death end re;Quest 2 builds on the original with its narrative and setting. It continues the dark horror aesthetic and is set in a dormitory in a small town where you play as Mai Toyama. Mai is trying to find her sister who was last seen in the same town. She soon discovers that various horrors dwell at night but the darkness and these horrors are key to find her sister. Death end re;Quest 2 is horror RPG with action combat. I’ve been playing Death end re;Quest 2 on both PS4 Pro and PC and here’s what you need to know.

Death end re;Quest 2 PS4 vs PC graphics

Visually, Death end re;Quest 2 isn’t an amazing looking game. It is carried by its aesthetic and the art direction. The horror and darkness theme shines in the dungeons and with some of the character designs. Having played Death end re;Quest 2 on both PS4 Pro and PC, for graphics, there are some areas that differentiate both platforms.

Unlike Persona 4 Golden that has a render scale option, Death end re;Quest 2 didn’t let me select the higher resolution option to check how it looks above 1080p. Assuming you can keep the post processing options toggled on for PC and play at 1080p, both aren’t very different overall barring the fog and depth of field. The game also uses a different font for subtitles in both versions.

PC at 1080p

Death end re;Quest 2 PS4 vs PC frame rate

On PS4 Pro, Death end re;Quest 2 targets 30fps during gameplay. There are no options to play at a higher frame rate. The PC version supports higher frame rates and is a better port than the original Death end re;Quest. For frame rate, Death end re;Quest 2 is best on PC for sure depending on your PC hardware. You can turn down the resolution to get a higher frame rate on PC as well.

Death end re;Quest 2 PS4 vs PC contents

In terms of contents, Death end re;Quest 2 on PC includes the original glitch costumes from the first game for characters from the original game. This is not available in the PS4 version. In terms of language support, Death end re;Quest 2 on Steam has support for English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese text with both English and Japanse voice options. The PC version also has support for keyboard and mouse controls.

PS4 Pro at 1080p

Death end re;Quest 2 PS4 vs PC what to buy?

Overall, Death end re;Quest 2 in its current state is a better purchase on PC over PS4. The game isn’t really a looker and the low asking price, additional content, and higher frame rate options make it worth getting on PC if you can run it well. If you’ve not played the original, you should get that on PS4 because the PC port has a lot of issues. If you have and want to play the sequel, Death end re;Quest 2 is a better buy on PC right now. It is also available a little under two weeks earlier than the PS4 version on Steam.

Death end re;Quest 2 releases on August 18 for PC via Steam. It releases on PS4 on August 25 in North America and August 28 in Europe and digitally India.

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