Square Enix previously announced Xbox Game Pass releases for multiple Final Fantasy games. With many of those already available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and console, Square Enix has finally brought Final Fantasy VII to Xbox Game Pass. Final Fantasy VII on Xbox One is based on the PS4 version so it includes the boosters and enhancements. It is now available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and console. Check it out here on Xbox One and here for Windows 10. Both versions include Xbox Live Achievements. Watch the Final Fantasy VII Xbox One trailer below:

Final Fantasy VII is also available for $15.99 and Rs. 1,340 for those who don’t have Xbox Game Pass for PC or console. While Final Fantasy VII Remake will likely show up on Xbox One in 2021 going by Sony’s timed exclusivity, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now sample one of Square Enix’s best games.

Final Fantasy VII is now available on iOS, Android, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox One, and the Microsoft Store.

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