Yesterday, Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker release date and showcased a vinyl box set. Today, the company announced that the official Final Fantasy XIV PS5 native version’s service begins later this month alongside the Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.55 release date. Square Enix also revealed the 2021 Final Fantasy XIV content roadmap leading up to the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker release date. Watch the Final Fantasy XIV PS5 trailer below:

Final Fantasy XIV PS5 features

Final Fantasy XIV on PS5 includes faster load times, 4K support, PS5 DualSense controller haptic feedback, new trophies, 3D audio, an updated interface for high resolution screens, and more.

Final Fantasy XIV content update schedule for 2021

  • May 25: Patch 5.55 and Final Fantasy XIV PS5 release date
  • July: Make it Rain Campaign
  • June – July / July – August: Patch 5.57 / Patch 5.58
  • August: Moonfire Faire / The Rising
  • September: FFXV Collaboration Returns
  • November: Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Releases

Final Fantasy XIV PS5 free upgrade from PS4

Players who own Final Fantasy XIV on PS4 can upgrade to the PS5 version for free. An Final Fantasy XIV monthly subscription fee is still required to play.

Final Fantasy XIV PS5 resolution and frame rate

Final Fantasy XIV on PS5 will have two modes. A 4K mode with 4K resolution and a full HD 2K mode. It will also have significantly improved frame rates, faster load times, and more.

Final Fantasy XIV is out now on PS4 and PC platforms. It releases on May 25 for PS5 with patch 5.55

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