PlatinumGames’ shoot ’em up Sol Cresta released earlier this year for PS4, Switch, and PC via Steam. I enjoyed it quite a bit despite its flaws. Read my Switch review here. Today, PlatinumGames has announced and released the Sol Cresta Legendary Fighters DLC set on Switch, PS4, and Steam. This includes CR47 from Moon Cresta, Wing Galiber from Terra Cresta, and Wing Galiber II from Terra Cresta II. Watch the Legendary Fighters DLC trailer below:

Sol Cresta Legendary Fighters DLC set price and release date

While the trailer says “available now” and the DLC is live on the eShop in Japan, it is yet to go live in North America. The prices and bundles for the West are below:

  • SOL CRESTA “Legendary Fighters” DLC Set Price (digital release): $5.99/€5.99. This includes all three DLCs from below:
  • SOL CRESTA “CR47” DLC Price (digital release): $1.49/€1.49
  • SOL CRESTA “Wing Galiber” DLC Price (digital release): $2.99/€2.99
  • SOL CRESTA “Wing Galiber II” DLC Price (digital release): $2.99/€2.99

Sol Cresta demo contents 

The Sol Cresta demo includes Arcade Mode playable until partway through the stage 1 final boss and Dramatic Mode playable until the Stage 1 middle boss.

Sol Cresta demo download links

I’ll update this when the demo is live on consoles, but it will be listed here for Switch and here for PS4. It is currently available here on Steam worldwide.

Sol Cresta is out now worldwide on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. The console versions got a physical release in the West through Limited Run Games and in Japan through SuperDeluxe Games.

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