Square Enix just released the Trials of Mana demo on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The free demo started rolling out worldwide a few hours ago and it is currently available in many regions on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The PC demo will go live on Steam later tonight when the store refreshes. Trials of Mana releases next month on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC and Square Enix is giving players a chance to sample the upcoming remake of Seiken Densetsu 3 early. Watch the newest trailer for Trials of Mana below:

Trials of Mana demo save tranfer

You can continue where you left off in the demo when you start the full version of Trials of Mana. If you’re playing on PS4, make sure the region of the demo matches the region of the full version you will get to ensure a seamless save transfer.

Trials of Mana demo download size

The Trials of Mana demo download size is 7.047GB on PS4 and 4.7GB on Nintendo Switch.

Trials of Mana demo contents

The Trials of Mana demo lets you play from the opening of the game until the Fullmetal Hugger boss fight. You can choose from six characters to lead your party in the demo. There is a level cap at level 7 in the demo.

Trials of Mana demo download links

Check out the Trials of Mana demo for free on PS4 here in India, here in USA and Nintendo Switch here. The Steam demo will be live here when available.

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Trials of Mana releases on April 24 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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