With Code Vein available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, it’s only natural that those looking for their slice of soulslike-inspired fare would dig deep into what the game has to offer. In addition to Code Vein’s Blood Codes and surprisingly solid story, there’s a trading system too. This allows you to exchange gifts or Valuables as the game calls them with NPCs for Trading Points.

As you set out from the Home Base in an attempt to uncover Code Vein’s mysteries, you’ll come across these Valuables ranging from brandy to retro games. You can trade these with the many NPCs that make their way to Home Base. Doing so nets you Trading Points that you can exchange for even better gear.

How to get Code Vein Valuables

As you keep playing, you’ll stumble upon a large number of these Valuables in addition to an item known as Old World Material. Simply exchange Old World Material with the merchant present next to the mistle you unlock after beating the first boss (Oliver) to get some of these Valuables. They are as follows:

  • Fragrant Tea
  • Local Pennant
  • Flower Seeds
  • Antique LP Record
  • Custom Gun Parts
  • Protein Powder
  • Chocolate Garlic Flakes
  • Blood Bead Candy

The rest of the Valuables are found by exploring.

Code Vein Valuables exchange guide

  • 35mm Reel – Yakumo, Io, Jack (3 Trading Points)
  • Aged Brandy – Yakumo, Jack (5 Trading Points)
  • Antique Coin – Jack (5 Trading Points)
  • Antique LP – Davis (5 Trading Points)
  • Aromatic Herbs – Mia, Coco (5 Trading Points )
  • Blood Bead Candy – 3 Trading Points regardless of which NPC you give it to
  • Board Game – Murasame (5 Trading Points)
  • Bottled Jam – Coco, Louis, Mia (3 Trading Points)
  • Boutique Sake – Yakumo (5 Trading Points)
  • Bugarally Doll – Jack, Davis, Yakumo, Murasame (5 Trading Points)
  • Chocolate Garlic Flakes – Davis, Coco (5 Trading Points)
  • Classic Camera – Jack, Davis (5 Trading Points)
  • Curious Novelty – Io (5 Trading Points)
  • Custom Gun Part – Yakumo, Murasame (3 Trading Points)
  • Expensive Cigars – Davis, Jack (3 Trading Points)
  • Faded Comics – Louis (5 Trading Points)
  • Flower Seeds – Eva (5 Trading Points)
  • Fragrant Tea – Mia (3 Trading Points)
  • Local Pennant – Io (5 Trading Points)
  • Organic Soap – Coco, Lo, Eva, Mia, Murasame (3 Trading Points)
  • Powerful Spices – Coco (5 Trading Points)
  • Protein Powder – Davis (3 Trading Points)
  • Pungent Cheese – Davis, Yakumo, Jack (3 Trading Points)
  • Retro Game – Murasame (5 Trading Points)
  • Spotless Instrument – Eva, Louis (3 Trading Points)
  • Stuffed Toy – Murasame (3 Trading Points)
  • Sushi Tacos – Coco (5 Trading Points)
  • Tomato Sandwich – Louis, Coco, Lo, Eva (5 Trading Points)
  • Undamaged Paint Set – Eva (3 Trading Points)
  • Well Worn Tool – Davis, Murasame (3 Trading Points)
  • Yellowed Book – Louis (5 Trading Points)

What to get with Code Vein Trading Points: Chrome and weapons

Each NPC has a wealth of items to give you with the Trading Points you have. The most important things are the weapons and upgrade materials. They’re the same weapons as the character uses when they join you on missions. The upgrade materials are known as Chromes.

Chromes let you modify gear to use Blood Codes gained from specific characters more effectively. Certain Chromes can only be obtained by trading, making Trading Points crucial. These include the Hermes Chrome from Davis and the Atlas Chrome from Yakumo.

Stay tuned to our in-depth review soon. Until then, check out our impressions of the PC version of Code Vein or this list on every Blood Code in the game.

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