Dragon Quest Builders 2 is out today for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It is a pretty fantastic game that blends Dragon Quest, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and more for an exceptionally polished and fine tuned experience. Read our full spoiler free review here. It is a pretty massive game and here are some tips and tricks to make the most of your time and have a boatload of fun while building and exploring in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

How to find more items and enemies in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Early on, you get access to an island focussed on farming. The story makes you explore quite a bit for plot reasons but there is still a lot you can do on your own. Straying off the beaten path will see you run into more enemies, find more items, and even run into a puzzle or two. Square Enix’s localisation is charming and the game never shies away from giving you a hint when you’re in need of one so don’t worry too much.

How to get EXP quickly in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Make sure you don’t run away from enemies unless the game tells you the monster is either too tough or scary. While there are level caps in place until certain story moments, most enemies early on are a cakewalk and Malroth helps a ton so take down every enemy while doing your story quests or exploring so you never have to worry about grinding.

How to make sure combat isn’t too difficult in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Malroth maybe there for comic relief early on when it comes to story but equipping him with the most powerful weapon you have unlocked for him will help a ton during combat. You both earn experience and he usually hits very hard so make sure he is ready with the best weapon available to you.

How to make sure your base takes less damage in battles in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Always make sure you have your villagers or companions equipped with the best weapons you can build by that story point so when your base is attacked, everyone (who is able to) pitches in with combat and helps avoid unnecessary damage.

Inventory tips for Dragon Quest Builders 2

You unlock the ability to store items in your own larger inventory early on in the game so make sure you always have a good stock of healing items. In the first island, this will range from raw vegetables to cooked vegetables and other dishes.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 hunger gauge explained

You have a hunger gauge to keep track off. When it hits 0, you will have a rough time building or fighting so always keep some food on hand so you don’t have to teleport back to the base to grab more. Your inventory space is virtually unlimited so don’t worry.

How to make the most of cooking in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Try and keep a lot of cooked food or drinks in your inventory because they heal you up quicker and restore more of your hunger gauge. While raw vegetables can get you buy, it is better to have items that are much more efficient.

How to not die easily in Dragon Quest Builders 2

You unlock more armor sets and weapons at a mostly steady pace so make sure you always have the best equipment on you at all times. Dragon Quest Builders 2 has a ton of things to do and you can relax and avoid combat for a good amount of time but don’t forget everything isn’t just about farming early on in this game.

How to fast travel in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Fast travel is one of the best aspects of most games. There isn’t any penalty for it in Dragon Quest Builders 2 so make sure you activate every fast travel point you see represented by navi globes. The game does a good job of reminding you to thanks to helpful NPCs early on.

How to be a good farmer in Dragon Quest Builders 2

You could always plant whatever seeds wherever but the best way to be efficient with farming is to plant specific crops in specific fields so you don’t end up wasting time hitting crops that aren’t fully grown to retrieve items.

What to do when you’re stuck in Dragon Quest Builders 2

There will always be an exclamation mark or question mark on an NPC or a destination symbol somewhere. Don’t fret and have a look at your map or around your base for what to do next. The game is very open but you could always just continue the main story without worrying about being creative and building if you aren’t enjoying that aspect of the game.

Stop walking and start running in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 adds the ability to sprint. This uses up your new stamina bar but is very useful while exploring until you unlock better means to travel. Players from the first game will likely take some time to get used to this but it is one of the best additions to the game in terms of quality of life improvements.

How to find more seeds early on in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Many enemies drop seeds or useful items when you take them out so try and avoid running away from enemies. Some newer enemies in new areas will even drop some rare seeds that are hard to find easily across the island so don’t worry and go and attack enemies.

Remember to save often in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Saving takes a while on PS4 and Nintendo Switch but having saved recently puts your mind at ease and lets you spend more time exploring and having fun without worrying about losing progress.

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