Ghost of Tsushima is out for the PS4 right now. Aside from sporting a detailed open-world, a host of great quests, and some interesting story choices, the game features plenty of armour to find and unlock. Some of these grant you bonuses such as the Ghost Armour making you tougher to spot while others exist as jokes. Here’s how you can get all of Ghost of Tsushima’s armour sets. A few of them are available to you as you play through the main storyline while others require you to partake in its side-quests or Mythic Tales before you can get them.

Ghost of Tsushima armour sets list

  • Broken Armour – you get this at the start of the game. No perks or advantages to using it.
  • Traveller’s Attire – given to you by the first merchant you speak to. No combat perks but clears the fog of war as you travel making exploration easier.
  • Samurai Clan Armour – during Lady Masako’s first tale, visit the Golden Temple. The armourer will give it to you for free. It boosts health, defence, and resolve making it great for boss fights.
  • Ronin Attire – obtained during the main story mission ‘Blood on the Grass’. Benefits include slower enemy detection and greater melee damage.
  • Sakai Clan Armour – obtained during the main story mission ‘Ghosts from the Past’. Grants additional health and melee damage as well as a standoff bonus useful for unlocking Ghost of Tsushima’s trophies.
  • Ghost Armour – obtained during the main story mission ‘From the Darkness’. Reduces number of kills needed to enter the Ghost Stance and lowers enemy detection speed. Kills terrify nearby enemies. Ideal when you’re up against large groups of foes.
  • Mongol Commander’s Armour – reward for completing the ‘Fit for a Khan’ tale in Act 3. Increases health, lets you take less damage, and makes you tougher to spot by Mongols.
  • Fundoshi Armour – reward for finding all hot springs in the game. Using it ensures you won’t make noise when you run or sprint but it has no defensive or offensive perks making it a joke addition.
  • Tadayori’s Armour – complete ‘The Legend of Tadayori’ Mythic Tale. Perks include faster bow knocking and reloading speed, increased concentration time, and headshots refill the concentration meter. Great for long-range assaults.
  • Kensei Armour – complete ‘The Six Blades of Kojiro’ Mythic Tale. Perks include faster resolve gains, improved Ghost Weapon damage, and striking an enemy with a Ghost Weapon causes them to do less damage and take more damage. Possibly the most powerful offensive armour set in the game.
  • Gosaku Armour – complete ‘The Unbreakable Gosaku’ Mythic Tale. Perks like increased health, stagger damage, and health gains from killing staggered enemies make this great for one on one combat scenarios.

For what it’s worth, Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best games from Sony this year with a fantastic photo mode to boot. Check out our Ghost of Tsushima review, buyer’s guide, and everything else you know about Sony’s PS4 swansong.

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