One of the more enthralling aspects to Ghost of Tsushima is how grounded in history it is versus other open-world games. However it isn’t without its share of myths and legends. Ghost of Tsushima has a collection of quests known as Mythic Tales. Not only do these delve into Japanese folklore featuring demons and spirits, but they also grant you a slew of great gear to make liberating Tsushima from the Mongols a whole lot easier.

Completing all of Ghost of Tsushima’s Mythic Tales unlocks the ‘Teller of Tales’ trophy as well (incidentally unlocking its platinum trophy should take around 50 hours). Here’s every Mythic Tales starting location and reward.

Ghost of Mythic Tales rewards and locations list

  • The Undying Flame – starting location: speak to the musician near Mount Jogaku. Rewards: Moderate Legend Increase, Way of the Flame, Sword Kit.
  • The Six Blades of Kojiro – location: speak to the musician at Umugi Cove.
    Rewards: Moderate Legend Increase, Kensei Armour.
  • The Unbreakable Gosaku – location: speak to the musician in Akashima. Rewards: Moderate Legend Increase, Gosaku’s Armour.
  • The Heavenly Strike – location: speak to the musician in Komatsu. Rewards: Moderate Legend Increase, Heavenly Strike, Sword Kit.
  • The Legend of Tadayori – location: speak to the musician in Tsutsu. Rewards: Moderate Legend Increase, Tadayori’s armour.
  • The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance – location: speak to the musician in Yarikawa. Rewards: Moderate Legend Increase, Dance of Wrath, Sword Kit.
  • The Curse of Uchitsune – location: speak to the musician in Hiyoshi. Rewards: Moderate Legend Increase, Explosive Arrow, Longbow.

For what it’s worth, Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best games from Sony this year with a fantastic photo mode to boot. Check out our Ghost of Tsushima review, buyer’s guide, and everything else you know about Sony’s PS4 swansong.

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