Ahead of its launch later this month, I had a chance to play the Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective on PS5 for preview through an early access demo code. If you’ve not kept up with this release, Capcom is finally bringing Ghost Trick to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam as a remaster. The Nintendo DS classic was only ported to iOS, and that release isn’t ideal to play on modern iOS devices. It was also never brought to other platforms since. For my Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective PS5 preview, I’m going to cover the opening bits of the game and focus on the controls, visuals, and compare it to the current mobile version on my iPad Pro.

Based on what I’ve played so far, this remaster or enhanced port of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a cleaner and smoother version of the DS classic. If you’ve not played Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective in any form before, you’re in for a treat. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a game like 999 and 13 Sentinels where I wish I could experience for the first time again. The mystery adventure game from the mind of Shu Takumi has you solving your own murder across puzzles by performing ghost tricks. Based on what I’ve played of the game so far for preview, I’m glad that there is a whole new audience that will get to experience this essential adventure game.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective remaster vs iOS (PS5 and iPad Pro)

Since the only current version of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective available prior to this remaster is the iOS version, I wanted to compare the visuals on my iPad Pro with the PS5 version. The comparisons below have the iPad screenshots scaled so that the gameplay portion lines up exactly with the PS4 version played on my PS5. The iPad version isn’t 16:9 so I’ve had to do this to allow for proper comparisons below. The PS4 version is much better looking than the iPad version, and it is even smoother across the board.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Music Options – Original and Arranged Soundtrack

For this Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective remaster, Capcom included the option to use a new arranged soundtrack or the original. You can toggle this from the options. The Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective soundtrack is legendary, and so far, they have done the game justice with the arranged music option.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective remaster controls

I was curious to see how it would feel playing Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective without a touchscreen. My experience with the game has been on DS or iOS only, and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective on PS5 was the first time I played it with a controller. While I think it still plays best with touch, Capcom has done a good job translating the controls over for a traditional controller. Since this is a PS4 game on PS5, don’t expect any DualSense features.

I’m glad Capcom finally gave one of its best games ever, the multiplatform treatment it deserves. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, like The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles which was Capcom’s best game of 2021, and it is now more accessible than ever before. Shu Takumi is a treasure, and I can’t wait to (re)experience more of his masterpiece for review leading into the release date.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is out June 30 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Check out the official website here. Download the demo on PS4 here, Xbox here, Nintendo Switch here, and Steam here.

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